OMG! UMD, Manoeuvres, Sexbomb Reunite for Dance Concert

OMG! As soon as I read the groups that will come together for a reunion concert I got so giddy! I got flashback from my highschool life when these groups were at their peek of their career.

I was in my junior highschool year when Universal Universal Motion Dancers (UMD), Manoeuvres, and Sexbomb Dancers were the ones teenagers and kids my age emulate when it comes to dancing!

The Original Sex Bomb Dancers for Eat Bulaga segment Laban o Bawi, the Universal Motion Dancers popularized dance moves like the Butterfly and the Maneuvers was the backup dancer of Garry Valenciano

I am super excited for this Massive Dance Concert reunion! I do hope they are able to get all the members together! It has been awhile!

The generation of today may not be able to relate as these phenomenal group UMD, Maneuvers and Sex Bomb were the iconic dance group of the country. Geez I can still remember all the songs they dance to and yes I remember some of the dance step.

If you want to get acquainted with them,
watch these three iconic dance groups perform at the Trinoma Activity Center on Monday March 31, 2014, to raise awareness for Neuropathy or nerve damage – a condition with symptoms like pamamanhid, tusok-tusok, and pangangawit.


This event is organized by Neurobion, a Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 that helps maintain healthy nerves, promote efficient nerve function, and reduce pain in the arms and hands caused by Neuropathy.

Besides the dance concert, there will also be free nerve clinics, games, and freebies to be given away throughout the day-long event.

Use the hashtag #FeelKoAngBuhay

Here is a sneak preview

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