WIWTD #12: Day 3 Dream Wedding Destinations Hunting La Union

WIWTD #12: Day 3 Dream Wedding Destinations Hunting La Union

My wedding plans have long been kept inside a safe locked in a dungeon somewhere deep and secluded. But when I got to see the picturesque view of Poro Point La Union, my dream wedding destinations and ideas resurfaced in an instant.

Goodness gracious, why am I having such when I don’t even have a groom to begin with?

Day 3: Forever Summer at Poro Point La Union
Well, it is a quite understandable look at this view it will make you think of all your ideals when you were young and naive!

day3: destination wedding hunt at Thunderbird Resorts
Wedding venue #1:  The columns by the beach!  The sun, the sea, the sights! Quite magical!

day 3: scouting for wedding venues at poro point la union
Are you looking for a Grecian and beach wedding destination this is the place to be, I will let the pictures do the talking!

day 3: wedding destination at poro point la union
Surrounding the area is the beautiful closer view of the beach front.

day3: beatiful colors of summer in la union
The beach area surrounding it!

day3: beach frontday 3: beach wedding

By the lighthouse side

day 3 scouting for wedding venues at Thunderbird Resort La Union
Now you know why I’m daydreaming!

day 3:  Forever Summer at Poro Point La Union
Wedding Venue #2: The Cabana Cottage on top of the cliff at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union

day 3:  beach wedding venue

From where I’m standing here you will see grass area, an entire view of the hotel and the restaurant and the jogging path below and of course a majestic view of the sea especially at sunset!
day 3 : wedding venue hunting

day 3: sunset wedding

I waited for this moment! Caputuring the golden sunset at the Cabana!


Don’t you just wanna fall inlove and get married right there and then!

day 3: beautiful sunset at thunderbird resorts la union

I visualize a silhouette kissing scene with the groom here after the wedding officiator said “You may now kiss the bride!” Ang perfect lang ng shot na yun! Sigh!
day 3: sunset wedding

The followed hy the reception at the lobby of Thunderbird resorts where everyone gets to see the best view of the golden sunset. Kung di ba naman lahat mainlove sa view. This kind of wedding will make veryone remember you for the rest of their life haha!

But then, just when I thought I found my dream wedding destination, I saw Wedding Destination #3: the Diocese of San Fernando La Union.

Untitledday 3: church weffing la union

The Facade alone is classic and beautiful so I went in.
day 3: wedding destination la union

I can see me walking down the isle! Long beautiful isle. Towards the gorgeous altar.
day 3: wedding destination la union

The altas is so Hispanic! So pretty!

day 3: dream wedding venue

How about you, have you found your dream wedding destination ? If jow maybe you can check this out!

The columns and cabana is located at Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point La Union. The church is located at San Fernando City La Union.

day 3:  Forever Summer at Poro Point La Union

What I’m wearing:
Summer Dress from SM Ladies
Sunnies from Celine
Special thanks to BCDA for takjng me to Poro Point La Union!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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