My Journey To Abs!

My Journey To Abs!

Today marks my first day to seriously work on my abs.  I decided it’s time to focus on my core now that I have lost almost all the fat I wanna ger rid off after doing Zumba for a month and 2 weeks.

I also cut on eating rice like I try to have 3 max of 5 spoon of rice twicenor thrice a week when I can’t help it and the meal calls for rice! Haha! I eat 6 times a day but small portions only. I don’t starve myself. I make sure I have banana or any fruit or a powerbar or cracker around to munch on when I feel hunger. A bite or two will suffice. Hehe. Yes it takes a lot of self-discipline.

So, Here is how my ab (no s lol!) look today!  


I am hoping for that big round thingy in the middle flatten soon.

To help me with my journey to abs, I am copying Manny Pacquiao (Pacman) abs workout plan but with some moderation.  Here is his Tuesday and Thursday abs workout



Maybe do 2 sets of 50 each haha!  I was actually doing 2 sets of 100 in sides, abs and vertical crunches once a week but if I do this everyday I’m gonna faint hahaha!

Good luck to me!


Again, a close-up of my midsection/core/ab yes flabby and yes I have stretchmarks!

Why am I doing this? There’s two things:
1) I wanna age carefully and 2) I wanna remain strong for my daughter she’s getting bigger than me!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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