WIWTD #17: I Flaunt Because of This…

Last Saturday, May 17, 2014 was the first time my cleavage made a debut in photos and in my social media. It happened at the Sample Room Splash of Summer event held at Pico de Loro in Batangas.

It was the right timing, at the right place and with the right people and wearing the right swimsuit when it happened.

I was with women who are gorgeous, educated, and open minded who encouraged me to bare and “flaunt what I got while I have it and since I have it” since not all women are blessed to have boobs like mine. In fact, they sais some women will do anything just to get boobs like mine.

So, I bared! The debut of my cleavage. The cleavage that I hid for years and only a few have seen.

I flaunt my cleavage for this!
I flaunt my cleavage because of this…Women or any person in the world don’t deserve to be raped. Period.   Catcalling is not a compliment it is offensive!

But, I did not just flaunt it to show the world I have it, I showed it off because I DON’T DESERVE TO BE RAPED Ghis was an online protest by a Brazilian woman who posted a half nude pic of her to call-off a stupid study result of a study in Brazil saying women who got raped deserves to be raped!

FYI: NO WOMEN OR PERSON IN THE WORLD DESERVES TO BE RAPED. No matter how suggestive her photos are and no matter how flirty a person gets. Nobody deserves to be violated. Period!

I also feel there was something wrong about that Navarro and Cornejo case how the eff did the victim got to be the one in prison while the perpetrator was all happy getting love and support by fans! Something wrong there very wrong.

This post is also in suppport of the No CatCalls Movement because it is offensive and I don’t think it is a compliment!

2014-05-18 14.20.36
Yes I am young (relatively speaking)and wild and free but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be harassed and abused.

I have boobs but I don’t flaunt it. In fact I wear minimizer bra and wear clothes that hid them well because as “modern” as people or men in this country are, the double standard still remains and catcalling is prevalent which is very offensive and yes I feel unsafe when men/boys/chauvenistic pigs do that.  I feel endangered whenever I get those catcalls even if I don’t wear skin-baring attention seeking clothes when I go out.

Splash of Summer with Sample Room
If I was not wearing this smile and make a sexy pose, does that make me “wanting it?” NO!

I wear this because it makes me feel good and look good. It flatters my figure, the figure that I have that I have been hiding for so long because I feel I will put my life in danger if I flaunt what I got.

Melissa summer
And well, what do you expect people to wear on the beach? Long gown?

2014-05-19 09.54.37

What I wore:
One-piece Malliot: SOAK swimwear
Eyewear: FLY Shades
Accessories: Jean and Rozs
Footwear: Melissa Philippines

Speaking of Melissa Philippines, they just launched their latest collection of footwear for this season!


This are Bliss, Lovely and Harmonic Garden from Melissa which is available online!

I was wearing the Harmonic Garden in blush during this Splash of Summer getaway with Sample Room and I really really love it!

Melissa Summer
It is very durable, light and waterproof too!
Melissa Summer
Melissa is just the best footwear at the beach and these lovely ladies sure do wanna have a pair! Actually they own a couple look there’s a Lovely Melissa in there too!

2014-05-19 06.49.18
I seriously love Melissa! It is way better than walking barefoot at the beach coz the sand gets really scorching hot!

Sample room summer
Dear Melissa Philippines I want my special Melissa pair!

WIWTD #17:  Soak Swimwear, Fly Shades, Jean and Rozs and Melissa Philippines
WIWTD #17: Soak Swimwear, Fly Shades, Jean and Rozs and Melissa Philippines

Please pick me to have a special pair designed for me by a popular designer, I am sure we will make a good pair of footwear that stands out and has a stand against violence against women! Pick me! Pick me! Let’s make fashion with a statement not just a fashion statement shall we?

2014-05-19 06.51.42
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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