4 Benefits of A Mobile Medical Unit

Tired of the daily grind? Looking for a way to escape all the impersonality of a large hospital or clinic? Quite a few doctors have admitted to frustration that their schedules and/or administrators won’t allow them the kind of one-on-one patient care that made them want to go into medicine in the first place. If you count yourself among these disaffected physicians, here are just four reasons to switch your practice to a mobile medical unit.


1: Reduced Costs For The Patient
Not only will they save money on gas and other transportation costs, but they’ll also take less time off work when they don’t have to spend hours in a waiting room. You’ll do them an immense favor by taking away some of their financial burdens. You’ll also experience the results of this generosity firsthand; you might be surprised at how many pleasant interactions you can have with your patients when they aren’t in a bad mood from traffic and delayed appointments.

2: Reduced Costs For You
You won’t have access to expensive MRI machines anymore, so part of your low overheard will come from a simple lack of resources. That said, you can fit a lot of equipment into a mid-sized mobile medical unit, and since you’re the only one operating your various tools and gadgets, you’ll never have to worry about damage or accidents from other doctors. Your supplies will never be exhausted by your co-workers, either.

3: Make House Calls Again
With a mobile medical unit, you can take your clinic straight to the patient. Senior citizens won’t have to arrange private transport to come and see you. Parents will be grateful that they don’t have to drag their sick children away from home. You’ll be practicing medicine in a meaningful, personalized and spiritually connected way.

4: Improve The Community
If you really want to make a difference, take your mobile medical unit through a neighborhood struck by natural disaster or weighed down by poverty. You can offer everything from blood drives to free check-ups to help the community get back on its feet, improving the quality of life for all its citizens in a way that gleaming hospitals and their huge medical bills simply can’t. You’ll put a friendly face back on the healthcare profession for those who need it most.

These are just four reasons to give up your clinic and drive a mobile medical unit. Start planning today with help from LifeLine Mobile and other medical suppliers!

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