Why Natural Toothpaste Is The Way To Go

Why Natural Toothpaste Is The Way To Go

Everything we know about the way we brush our teeth is wrong.

For one,  fluoride is not that safe as we know it. Did you know that fluoride is one of the main ingredients for rat poison and large amounts of fluoride lowers the IQ. Read this article for reference.

Then there’s this thing about not gargling / rinsing after brushing that I just read from a blogger friend who attended a toothpaste quiznight recently. The toothpaste company said we should just spit it out.

Now if fluoride is bad, but the usual toothpaste we use has fluoride, and the most popular toothpaste brand said we should not rinse with water and just spit it out after, What are we supposed to do?

Just recently, I got a package containing organic and all natural items from Bibliorganics . One of the products inside was the Proteq Natural Toothpaste Tooth & Gum Restore Formula.

Proteq Natural Toothpaste Review

Product Info
A safe, natural and effective alternative to regular toothpaste, Proteq Natural Toothpaste Is gentle and non-abrasive on your teeth and gums but tough on oral bacteria. Made with natural ingredients like Calcium Lactate, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Tea Tree Oil and Naging Soda, all of nature’s best defense against cavities, tooth sensitivity, bad breath and gum disease. As a bonus, it naturally helps whiten teeth.

Completely safe, no parables, no sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureate sulfate. No Pegs. No triclosan. No propylene glycol. No alcohol. No artificial sweeteners and colorants.

Product shots

Proteq Natural Toothpaste Review Proteq Natural Toothpaste Review
What I think of it?

  • It is the first toothpaste I have ever tried that has transparent/clear color. It feels like gel but it taste like the regular toothpaste we are used to.
  • It does not Sud as much as the regular toothpaste but I feel more cleaner than the usual toothpaste.
    I can actually not gargle but just spit with this toothpaste as told by the experts that is the right way to brush our teeth.
  • I love the taste. My mouth feels more cleaner, squeaky clean in fact with this toothpaste.
  • My teeth look whiter after a few days use. Plus I feel my morning breath smells more better that the old times I’ve been using the regular toothpaste.
  • I feel more confident and safe using this.

Do I recommend the Proteq Natural Toothpaste?
Absolutely! While it is much expensive than regular toothpaste, it is safer. You may buy it at bibliorganics.com at Php278.00 per 130g tube or at clinics selling orgamoc/natural products or at all S&R branches nationwide.

How about you, have you tried this toothpaste before? If not what other natural toothpaste have you tried? Do share!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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