Philips Glam Night at BloBar Serendra

Achieving a salon perfect hair is easier nowadays, with all the hair styling products available in the market readily available for everyone. But without proper knowledge of the tools and products you are using, instead of beautifying your hair, you are affecting the health of your hair and damage it.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle invited us for a Philips Glam Night at Blo Bar in Serendra Global City so we can try out their hair styling tool products that does not just beautify but also cares for the hair.

You see, hair irons, curling irons, blow dryers, and other styling tools can reach high temperatures that can break the hair’s cuticle—the protective layering over each hair strand that keeps moisture in. This could result to hair looking dull, frizzy, and brittle.  With constant styling, hair becomes damaged in the long run. The question now is, should this stop you from making your hair perfect everyday?

Philips Glam Night at BloBar Serendra

“It’s all about the products you use,” says Ms. Pia Umayam, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Business Development Manager for Personal Care. “A lot of styling tools now are specially designed to protect hair so it’s really all about choosing the right equipment.”

“There are some women who skip styling because they think they may have damaged their hair too much already. My message to all women is that you don’t need to sacrifice looking your best because of hair problems caused by the wrong hair styling tools. Just choose the right products that safely manage your hair and continue looking great every day,” continues Umayam.

Philips Glam Night at BloBar Serendra

Create fun and easy hairstyles with hair equipment optimized for healthy styling. Philips offers a wide range of hair styling tools equipped with smart features that protects your mane while still giving you the style that you want.

Choose among a collection of dryers, curlers, and straighteners for your ideal hairstyle. Get intelligent drying with the Philips range of hair dryers’ TempPrecision sensor that automatically switches off once it senses that your hair is dry.

Philips Glam Night at BloBar Serendra

  • Philipshair dryers offers gentle and even drying by equally distributing heat over your locks.
  • The Philips range of curlers comes with an indicator that lets you know when to release each curl to protect your hair from overheating.
  • For sleek yet still shiny locks, go for the Philips range of straighteners with ionic conditioning and ceramic plates that prevent hot spots and promises smooth gliding.

For more information about the products, visit or check out our facebook page at You can also call our customer hotline at (632) 6679000 if you are within Metro Manila or 1-800-10-7445477 if you are outside Metro Manila.

Philis Glam Night at BloBar Serendra
With Terese and Philip of M2Comms

Stay gorgeous eveyrone!

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