Ipanema Fall 2014 Collection Launch at East Cafe Rustan’s Makati

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Ipanema Fall 2014 Collection Launch at East Cafe Rustan’s Makati

Ipanema, the flip-flop brand that is widely loved by stylish Filipinos for over 6 year, finally decided to open their exclusive store in the country at Rustan’s Makati.

Mr. Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Ipanema Philippines said it is high time for their brand to have its first store. “Rustan;s was a strategic choice for Ipanema because the mall has been established distributor of high-quality products and a promising retailer for five decades.

Ipanema Rustan's Makati
The launch of Ipanema shop coincided with the launch of Ipanema’s Fall 2014 launch in the Philippines. The latest collection boast of classic designs that are flexible, sophisticated and complements every outfit at any occasion!

Some of the Ipanema;s Fall 2014 designs are embellished with colorful gems that are so lust-worthy!

Ipanema Charme Glam Fem
2014-07-01 16.58.22

Ipanema Gisselle Bundenchen Sandal Fem ,Kids and Baby

2014-07-01 16.58.40
Ipanema Leblon Fem
2014-07-01 16.58.57

Ipanema Charme Glam Fem

2014-07-01 16.59.18

2014-07-01 16.59.34

2014-07-01 17.00.04


Ipanema Traca Tira (detachable and interchangeable straps!)

2014-07-01 17.00.36

Ipanema Fall 2014 Collection

Ipanema is made of PVC and not rubber unlike its other competitors which makes this brand more durable. It is slightly expensive than the other popular flipflop brand but I can attest that it does not break or fade!

I so adore the press kit they gave us at the event it is not just pretty but very useful!

Ipanema Fall 2014 Collection
Btw, Trivia, the pattern you see on the kit bag is the patterns you can see along the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The same pattern is prominent in all Ipanema products! Pretty neat huh?

Ipanema Rustan's Makati
The event was held at East Cafe at Rustan’s Makati !

Ipanema Rustan's Makati store

Grabbed pic with lifestyle mommy blogger friends Jennifer, Rochelle, Michelle, Diana, Kumi,Shen etc.

Ipanema Rustan's Makati Launch
With my beautiful blogger friends Shen, Martha, Nikki, Sarah and Rowena!

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