From the Catwalk to the Store: A Quick Guide to How Fashion Trends Develop

Fashion is one of the most popular ways of communication. A personal choice of clothes and accessories can go a long way in expressing one’s mood, feelings, or temperament. These are not the only influences, though. Other influences like celebrities, runway, and bloggers play an influential role in our appearance.

Fashionable celebrities


Whether we like to admit it or not, celebrities play a role in the decisions we make in all areas of life, including fashion. Their large reach to hundreds of thousands of fans is what makes it easy to get across their opinions and ideas. Lots of these celebrities take advantage of this by marketing products with their names on it produced by other already established companies. Consumers are attracted to these products because of the name attached to them.

Yeezys by Kanye West and Adidas are one prime example of this. Through smart marketing and the existence of Kanye’s name attached to the shoe, Yeezys quickly became one of the most desired shoes on the market. According to many, the rather questionable shoe design was viewed as appealing because of Kanye West. Celebrities not only create their own clothing lines as a way of influence but start trends by doing something a certain way. After the popular show friends came out, many people took a liking to the hairstyle worn by Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston. This hairstyle is highly deemed as one of the most pivotal hairstyles to come out of television.

From the Catwalk to the store

The Runway

Many fashion trends start on the runway. Observers see these outfits worn on models and are engulfed by the overall beauty and design. All runway outfits are carefully designed by professional designers. Upon optimistic feedback, most of these outfits get mass-produced. These looks are submerged into the viewer’s subconscious that they will later use in the future to style their wardrobes.

 These wardrobes do not only consist of clothes, but accessories also play a big role. Things like jewelry, hats, and glasses are all important pieces to the puzzle. A good resource for new fashionable eyewear would be For voguish and trendy jewelry, check out Visit for comfortable yet quality designs of hats.

From catwalk to Runway


Bloggers are similar to celebrities in the way that both may have a wide range of influence. The difference is that bloggers are sometimes unidentifiable. They simply influence decisions by stating their opinions instead of using their name and power as celebrities do. Most bloggers offer opinions on products that can sway readers’ thoughts. A blogger may point out a new way they like to wear their hair influencing others to do the same. This then sometimes causes a ripple effect. Bloggers can also receive sponsorships in exchange for a positively biased review on their product. The readers see this and are convinced that a product must be of high quality. This created trends in fashions as many influential people are contacted to promote a new clothing item or new style.

Fashion trends are influenced in all types of ways. You may be putting together your outfit without even realizing it’s because of something you saw on TV or online. This is the result of smart marketing. Whether it’s through fashion shows, celebrities you watch, or your favorite blog you read weekly, you and others are constantly being influenced by surrounding factors.