My Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review and Reflections

The Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most fun Marvel movies to date.  The humor and the delivery of punch lines are impeccable.  The action scenes are engaging and exciting.  I think this is one of the Best Sci-Fi comedy movie since maybe Fantastic 4 and The Avengers.

My favorite part was the biggest fight scenes that happen up in the air!  It was awesome!  Stunts was great CGI’s was well made. Makeup and prosthetic was flawless.  Costume was so-so.  But I think the story line in the film and the characters personality stayed true to the comic version although with a little cinematic adjustment that is fit for a movie.  All I can say is “I AM GROOT!”

Well, unless you have seen the movie, you won’t get what the last three words I just said from my second paragraph. So I say watch it.   It is fun , not boring, editing fitted my expectations it was fast phased not much wasted scenes and everything was needed to build up the entire plot of the story. It did not bring a plateau of emotions but instead built the feeling up to the end.  Even with the dancing groot (oops!)

If you look deep into the movie without making full reference to the comic version.  The story plot was mainly about the main characters re-purposing their life or finding deeper meaning to their life and meeting true friends or people who will stand by them no matter what

Guardians of the Galaxy movie review

Groot is to love,  Rocket is so adorable, not really that impressed with Star-Lord but hey he is the main guy in the movie who brings humanity in the movie. Gamora is the hot fierce leading lady in the movie. and Drax is the funny thesaurus. Together they make great team.  I love how their characters synced so well it was fun to see them in one screen interacting. The actors and and actresses commissioned for the big roles did very well.

Watch it you won’t get disappointed. And yeah don’t expect too much on the easter egg.  But there is one right after the credits rolled out.

SO my rating being 5 the highest I give it a 4.5 . There are rooms for improvement like the costumes it was not so futuristic as it should be. But it is very Marvevl I like it. I hope the Part 2 will be way much better. I pity The Collector btw haha. I feel for him.

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