Well, well, well, hold your Chinese New Year rituals to invite good fortune until the eve of Chinese New Year.
This coming January 1st is the Western Calendar New Year and even before Feng Shui and Chinese New Year became a trend, there was the Filipino ways of Celebrating the coming of the New Years Eve.

So, how to invite good luck for the new year Pinoy style? (a.k.a. mga pangpaswerte sa Bagong Taon)

1. Wear polkadots! The more polka dots you wear the luckier / fortunate you get for the coming year. Polkadots symbolizes coins/ money it is like attracting money to come to you.

wear poladots for new years eve

2. Put coins and money on your pocket, wallet, purse and bag and shake shake shake them all around at the stroke of midnight. This tradition is said to invite more money in your pockets and you will never run out of money!
3. Place 12 kinds of round fruits on your dining table. This symbolizes money again and the number symbolizes the 12 months of the year. This assures never to lack money all throughout the year!

Image from mrs sanborn
Image from mrs sanborn

4. Hanging 12 pieces of grapes by the front door. Again symbolizes money luck for the coming year.
5. Serving sticky rice cake (suman or kakanin) on your Media Noche or Midnight Dinner for the New Year. Thi