WIWTD #32: If I Stay

There’s only one reason for me to stay in your life, if you are happy when I am with you. Because there’s no reason to stay if you are unhappy with me. I don’t want to be the one to hold you back and find your happiness. We all deserve tp be happy.  I will only be happy if the people who I’m with are happy when I’m around, if not then there is no reason to stay.

Juat like these two characters, Cony and Brown. We all like each other when we first met. Hugs and kisses for everyone!

WIWTD #32: If I Stay
And then one day, Brown was happy no more.

WIWTD #32: If I Stay
So, I stick with Cony who is always happy and loving while losing my grip with Brown who was drifting away. I tried to hold on but I felt it was gone.

WIWTD #32: If I Stay
Mateo Guidicelli saw everything, so he came over and said. “Hi, I will be happy to be around you.”

WIWTD #32: IF i stay

“I said really? That makes me ecstatic.” So Mateo and I got togetjer and lived happily ever again.

WIWTD #32: If I Stay

The end.

What I wore:
SM Women croped sleveless top
Plaid Maxi Skirt from Red Cross Aide Couture (Stuart Weitzman)
Sandals Ferretti
Bag Belissima Firenze
P.S. this story is fiction based on facts.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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