Make Your Lash Wishes Come True

When we were young or so maybe we have heard about this when we were a bit older and too late to do it ourselves, there was this olds mans tale about trimming your eyelashes while still young, preferably while still a baby or toddler, so your lashes will grow longer and full as you grow older.

Well, well, it was too late for me when I knew about this and the tale has been going around for ages. I dunno if there was a scientific basis for it but some parents still do it to their kids. As per the success rate, I have no idea, there isn’t any study about that too.

Anyway, why risk cutting your child or your own lashes hust to have them grow longer and thicker when there are eyelash extension salons you can go to and make your Lash Wishes come true! More than a week ago, I was invited by the owners of Lash Wishes to try out their service.

Lash Wishes salon review
It’s been years since I had lash extensions because having one on doean’t really suit my lifestyle but I got swayed by my friends to do it so I did.

They have professional lash technician who will ask what kind of lashes you want to have. You can have something that just follow your natural lashes or have something extreme and fantasy like. You can base your choices on their eyelash extension menu (including the pricelist)

Lash Wishes salon review

Yes you can have colored or bejewelled lashes!

Here’s my blogger friend Jessa Roqje having her lashes on (ooops sorry for the awkwaed shot it’s not that uncomfy promise!)

Lash Wishes salon review
Here are the other girls while getting their lashes done!

Lash Wishes salon review
The procedure takes less than an hour depending on the volume of lashes you want as they install each piece one by one. I was so comfy will my lashes were being installed I fell asleep and caught myself snoring! How embarassing! Haha!

Lash Wishes
They don’t use natural hair because natural hair will drop down and loose the curl. Instead they use satin so it feels light and the curl holds forever until they fall off because of the wear and tear.

Lash Wishes
Eyelas extension last for two weeks and there are sorts of tbings you are not allowed to do to keep your lashes jn place and keep them there longer.

  • No rubbing your eyes
  • Can’t wet them in 13 hours after installation.
  • Don’t remove them by yourself.
  • Careful not to intentionally wet your lashes coz it kinda stings coz of the glue. So no crying allowed!  (Tip: you can use diving goggles when you take a shower or bath to prevent your eyes from getting wet! )

This Lash Wishes I went to is located at the Basement of Cinderella in Glorietta 3 Makati! Follow them on Instagram @lashwishes

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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