A New Wave of Cooking with Midea’s All-New Kitchen Appliances

A New Wave of Cooking with Midea’s All-New Kitchen Appliances

I always wanted to learn how to bake, the problem is i don’t have a baking oven. What I have are microwave oven and oven toasters and I have more than one each. I have made brownies with my oven and even made lasagna and baked macaroni with my microwave. But never have I tried to bake a Molten Chocolate Cake with a microwave until that event at Olive Tree Kichen Bar where Midea introduced their all-new kitchen range.


Molten Chocolate Cake baked using Midea Microwave Oven
Molten Chocolate Cake baked using Midea Microwave Oven

That Molten Chocolate Cake above, which is so moist and tasty, was baked using the Midea’s all-new Microwave oven. We baked that in 90 seconds only!

Midea's All-New Kitchen Range
Chef Rob Pengson, who was a special guesy at the event debunked all misconceptions about cooking and baking on a microwave oven.

Midea’s microwave ovens are perfect for quick and easy-to-cook recipes that do not compromise nutritional value featured. Because it traps heat that keeps all the nutrients of the food you are preparing intact. “Using Midea’s microwaves, you can get 10 percent less fat on your meals compare to frying. At the same time, prepare basic meals as quick as 90 seconds!”, Chef Pengson said.

Plus mideas microwaves come in sleek silver-mirror finishes that looks great in the kitchen!

Now, if we were able to bakenwith a microwave, imagine what you can do with a Midea Rice Cooker?


Midea's All-New Kitchen Range
Chef Pengson showed us how to cook Ramen using a Midea Rice-Cooker. He also gave some tips about many other rice cooker recipes making this staple kichen appliance more than just cooking rice!

A nice feature of a Midea Rice Cooker is the smart sensor that automatically measures the ideal cooking time you need for the perfect rice no natter how much water you put.

Midea Multi-Cooker

Another product from the all-new Midea Kitchen Range is the Multi-Cooker. It has 19 functions, 12 cooking modes, and 7 auxiliary functions that give modern homemakers the flexibility they need to prepare meals.

Chef Pengson made a delicious Green Herb Chicken Curry recipe using the Multi-Cooker in less than 30 minutes!

The multi-cooker is also a safe alternative for a pressure cooker, this one is safer and gives you less worries.

Midea Induction Cooker
Faster cooking time is equals less cost. The Midea Induction Cooker prepares food twice as fast compared to regular electrical stove and is safer than using a gas stove! In less than a few minutes Chef Pengson was able to prepare a delicious Kimchi Rice for us!

Personally, I believe in induction cookers. I use it but a different brand tho, I can use another one from Midea though! (Wink wink!)

Mr. Philip Trapaga General Manager of Midea Philippines
With the lifestyles of modern homemakers changing at a fast pace, lengthy and tedious meal preparations have become quite a challenge for champions of the household. In the kitchen, it is no longer just about how food is prepared—more importantly, it is about how fast and easy the task can be done.

Midea’s latest kitchen appliance line—titled A New Wave of Cooking—aims to solve the food-preparation woes of Filipino households.

There are three essential factors that are considered when cooking meal preparation, nutritional value, and cost. He added. “Midea’s new kitchen range presents solutions for each of these.”

He continued: “Most of the time, nutrition and affordability are sacrificed in favor of easier food preparation But cooking is really more of an art. Once you’ve found fhe right tools yor can pretty much create whatever masterpiece you want without sacrificing quality. It is all about investing in the right kitchen partners.

Midea launch at Olive Tree Kitchen Bar

Included in Midea’s all-new kitchen appliances are the microwave oven, induction cooker, multi-cooker, rice cooker and kettles.

So, how efficient is your kitchen?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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