My Gone Girl Movie Review

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My Gone Girl Movie Review

If you have been waiting for the next psychopath girl like Glenn Close a.k.a Alex Forest in Fatal Attraction, or much better or rather much worst, then look no further.

After decades of waiting I think Rosamund Pike a.k.a. Amazing Amy a.k.a Amy Dunne at Gone Girl will rank high on your sociopath/psychopath women in movies you will ever find! Her eyes and demeanor says it all, she is just so creepy in this film.

There are very disturbing scenes in the movie that will make your stomach churn. It was so bad, it was soooo effing good.

Gone Girl movie review
Although I haven’t read the book, Gone Girl is one of those Best Seller Thriller/ Suspense book, I heard there was a twist that was not in the book. Like I always say, book versions and movie versions will always differ in a way. Film makers, directors and script writers need to adjust some for cinematic purposes. The twist was kinda good in a way that I sense a possibility of a Gone Girl part 2, Why not?

Yes, I enjoyed the movie. Director David Fincher out done himself in this movie. It was seamless, exciting, engaging and amazingly disturbing!

Ben Afleck fits the role very well as Nick Dune the estranged husband.

Gone Girl Fincer Special Shoot

Opening and ending lines was the climax! Let me try to remember how it was said by Nick Dune: “Sometimes when I look at my wife, My favorite part is stroking her hair… I love to crack her skull and pick her brains out to find answers to some questions that’s bothering me. About what she really feels about me, about us, about our marriage.” It is something like that but not entirely that, but that was the essence.

I recommend Gone Girl, it is disturbing, true, but it is one great Thriller Suspense movie you shouldn’t miss, especially if you liked Fatal Attraction!

Gone Girl is showing on Cinemas October 3, 2014 Rated PG16 by the MTRCB released by 20th Century Fox.

OH, Movie was a bit long, 149 minutes but I wasn’t bored at all.  I enjoyed the movie alot it really draws you in. The “rape-murder” scene is something I haven’t seen before it was so disturbing!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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