New York in Manila at DKNY MYNY Fragrance Philippines Launch

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New York in Manila at DKNY MYNY Fragrance Philippines Launch

I love New York even if I  haven’t been there. I feel like I’ve been a part of it because of all those movies and TV shows I love set in this eclectic and passionate city.

In fact the closest I’ve been to New York was when I met Sarah Jessica Parker, Carry Bradshaw, The Sex and the City girl herself!

My second closest to experiencing New York was at the launch of Donna Karan New York (DNKY) My NY #DNKY #MYNY in Manila held at Rustan’s in Makati last week.

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
A pop-up store recreating a corner of the busy streets of Manhattan where carefree and spirited people abound.

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila

Urban chic girls doing their business, chit-chatting with friends and colleagues while munching on yummy New York street foods!

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
#DKNY #MYNY Manila launch

There’s also fun interactive activities to do at the pop-up store like puzzle games, name that tune kinda game and yes photo-booths!

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila2014-10-02 16.17.51
Yes New York is filled with paparazzi too! Hahaha!
#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
Albeit the New York feels, the Filipino in us will never ever be ignored. Which is obvious in our love for selfies and groupies!

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
With Marj, Julia, Phoebie and Sophie

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
With Rochelle, Ruth and Jen
#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila
With Pia and Maxene Magalona
I think the launch brought New York in Manila for a bit and experience the essence of DKNY MYNY fragrance, spontaneous, playful and bold like DKNY latest it girl Rita Ora.

Btw, if you notice the bottle was designed to look like the city skyline of New York! Super nice!

Oh! If you are asking how the scent smells like, it smells like a busy New Yorker woman, powerful, femine and elegant.

#DKNY #MYNY fragrance launch Manila

DKNY MYNY is now available at Rustan’s and your favorite fragrance stores or check out DKNY Fragrances on Facebook.

P.S. I’d like to thank for this fun New York in Manila experience with the DKNY MYNY Philippines launch.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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10 thoughts on “New York in Manila at DKNY MYNY Fragrance Philippines Launch

  1. Super ganda ng packaging, mother! Bet! And wow!! Lucky na meet mo si SJP before!! agh love her!!

  2. I love your hair here, Earth! I want this in my perfume collection even though I have yet to try its smell – the packaging just pulled me in.

    Nice event coverage too.:)

  3. First of all… You look gorgeous and love your new hairstyle… You’re looking younger. And I also like the packaging ng perfume… So NY! I think it has been every girl’s dream to live a “Sex in the City” kind of life after watching their first Sex in the City episode… I know I do! Looks like a fun event… I miss Manila na talaga. xD

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