Can You Solve a Murder in Just an Hour?

Can You Solve a Murder in Just an Hour?

Do you think you can solve a murder in just an hour?

Well, that was what we have to do at the Murder in the First Warner TV event at Red Panda in Pasig.


Fourteen bloggers were stunned by a guy and a girl who burst out of the venue just before we have our dinner and announced that the Head Chef was murdered and we have to solve who killed him.

But wait before you get a heart attack about some death and sorts, it was all just a role playing activity curated by the genius minds behind Breakout Philippines. This role play game is one of the activities you can do with the Breakout Theater which is so cool!

So, we were paired and grouped into seven teams each of us were handed our Detective Package each containing a a pen, a notebook, and two sheets to write down our conclusion who killed the Head Chef and some guide we can use to play detective.

All over Red Panda were actors, really good ones who are in character all the time. We can only ask those wearing a Breakout Philippines pin. Since the characters were really good I eas getting in character too asking questions. It was like watching my favorite crime TV show come to life haha, it was kinda intense.


Red Panda is super nice place btw I especially like this area between the kitchen near the stairs.

This is the second floor:
The scene that happened there was just like what to expect at the upcoming new Warner TV series, the Murder in the First.

Murder in the First takes an up-close and personal look at a single complex homicide investigation. It is co-created by Emmy winner Steve Bochco and newcomer Eric Lodal, which spreads the story arc across an entire season, takes two seemingly unrelated crimes that pit Silicon Valley wunderkind Eric Blunt (Tom Felton) in the middle of the crime scene.

Murder in the First Warner TV reviewMurder in the First is set in San Francisco which follows the homicide detectives Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) as they investigate two murders. The mystery deepens when they found a common denominator in the murders – Blunt (Tom Felton).

Ruth and I were partners. I wanted us to interview as many characters as possible so we separated ways and then convene after finding something out. After 30 minutes of probing around talking to Joe the sous chef, David the business partner of the restaurant and friend of Head Chef, the driver, Myka Mr. Mendoza and all those characters (I am bad at names but I can tell your story hahaha!)

Asking around we’ve learned a lot of side stories and it created a bigger picture. Ruth however was fixated by Joe doing the crime since he was demoted by the head Chef. I on the other hand was fixated by Myka’s (the resto manager) inconsistent statrment that the body was found in the garden/smoking area while everyone said the body was in the kitchen. I also was concerned by Saree’s demeanor and her statement “this was not suppose to happen” .

When Ruth and I convened to look for evidence I saw the cellphone and asked who found it and who owns it. We found out it was Saree and I went down to ask Saree her password which she was so surprised that I asked. Hahahaha I shoukd have brought her to the evidence desk and have her open the fone!


At the end of the hour, even if I was not convinced that Joe was the killer, Ruth was convinced otherwise, she thought all other side stories were meant to distract us, so I let her write down, even if getting demoted was a shallow reason to kill someone.

Finally it was revealed, it was Amiel who killed the Chef and he was stabbed with a blunt object. Because he found out David wanted to poison the other business partner. He was loyal to this other guy he did it to prorect the businesses.

I wish I can tell everything the questions, the scenes it was like being in a crime and derective series hahaha I love it! I wish we had more than an hour to solve the mystery coz I think we could have nailed it if given time. The winner was Ria and Ryan who brought most of the evidence!

Or we could have just read the clues from the press kit about the Murder at the First Warner TV series we could have won.


Fun fun fun I like events like this that stretches our brains and make us do something we haven’t done before! Thanks Warner TV!

But now I have a question, a crime you have to solve, who stole the mason jar at an event?

Murder in the First Warner TV event at Red Panda

Dun dun dun dun! Hahaha! Let me know when you find out with the hashtag #masonjarspamore

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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