First of, I did not start a blog to be a rockstar or a social media queen or princess.   I started this blog, not before but Earthly Explorations so I can have a place where I can rant and dump all the things that is going through my head.   I even used to blog super personal things like how my love life was going and how I wanted my life to turn out to be.   I used to blog about things I only write in my diary.

Well, that was what blogging used to be a personal online diary.    Until commercialization took over.   But that’s a different story through and through.

Up until now, I only blog what I want, when I want.  Whatever you read from here is still my thoughts.  Filtered thoughts that are meant for public consumption only.  Nothing too personal but tiny bits and pieces so any reader can get something from it, either be entertained or informed.   But mostly I just share what I have in mind.

So today, since it;s another Throwback Thursday moment.   Let me just share my favorite blogging moments.  They are my favorite moments because I met icons, did things I won’t normally do if I was not a blogger.

Meeting Icons

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos the Imeldific

Imelda Marcos and Me

Justin Timberlake!


Dion Warwick, All-4-One, SWV,

yes I am that old ! Haha all photos here:



Michi Calica-Sotto, Rhet Eala, Kate Torralba, Jenny Eperson, Risa Manangquil-Trillo….

With the Nestle Fitnesse Jury
with Rhett Eala

Pilita Corales


Cherie Gil


F.Sionil Jose Philippines National Artist :for Literature


Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco, Parokya ni Edgar (Chito Miranda), Ebe Dancel, Gloc 9, Garry Valenciano Sarah Geronimo,Craig David… Best of 2012 March

Dawn Zulueta

Michael Cinco

Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a.Carry Bradshaw

Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga in Manila Born This Way Ball SM Arena

There are so many other people popular celebrities I met (but not yet to be considered icons like Marian Rivera, KC Conception, Ann Curtis-Smith they were three of the first I met thru blogging ) but all the same  I am thankful until now for all the good things blogging brought my life!     
I still have three more icons I want to meet and that would be:
Queen Elizabeth IV or any from the Royal Family in England haha
How about you, who are the icons you already meet and who else would you like to meet someday?   


  1. Keep up the very good work.

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