Top Luxury Boutique Hotels in London  

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Top Luxury Boutique Hotels in London  

London has been known to be a pretty, gritty green city. With this kind of combination, the city has a lot to offer its residence. There are a lot of attractions and plenty of fun filled activities that both local and international visitors can enjoy. Right from the revived East End to the swish haunts of Notting Hill, the city brags of its beauty and heritage. Once you arrive at the city, you can never fall short of the places to stay. Accommodation is provided at the many world class hotels that are found in London.

Fancy a lavish lifestyle? Perhaps you may want to consider booking your reservation at these top luxury boutique hotels that are found in England’s capital. These hotels are known to offer the best quality services and facilities that will make you marvel at the experience and guarantee you value for your money.

Park Grand London Hyde Park

a) Park Grand London Hyde Park

The bouquet hotel intrigues many people courtesy of its unique features. At Park Grand London Hyde Park, you get to experience what really a luxurious life is all about. They promise you a lavish stay and they deliver the same in equal measure. A visit to the hotel will get you to experience London the way it is supposed to be experienced. Being known to have been inspired by some of the best hotels in the world, the hotel is expertly designed and presented by those who do not expect nothing less but to get ultimate value for their money. The rooms can only be described as comfortable, exquisite, exemplary, elegant and exemplified.

Set in the heart of London, the hotel is only a walk from Paddington mainline station which means that you should not have any problems trying to access the hotel.


b) The Gore

Out of the 50 rooms that the boutique hotel boasts of, 10 of them are feature rooms. If you are looking to have a romantic stay in the hotel, you can choose to book The Venus Room which is perfect for a romantic break or better yet a honeymoon. Those who fancy going back in history, the Tudor Room will whisk you through the centuries. In addition to all that, the hotel also feature throne toilets which will most definitely make you feel regal.


c) Town Hall Hotel and Apartments

Located in Bethnal Green, East London the hotel is perfect for business travelers. The hotel is set in what used to be an old public council building but was transformed it this magnificent structure in 2010. The fact that the building was recently renovated means that you get a mix of both traditional and modern feels once you get here. There are some interesting large guest rooms and apartments which are capable of guaranteeing the visitor a wonderful stay.

The area is also quite unique in its own hence can make a perfect destination for anyone. The fact that the hotel is located in close proximity to the city means that you should not have a problem accessing some of the city’s amenities.

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