#WIWTD 44: Here But There

Do you have those moments when you are at a certain place but your head wanders somewhere else?

wiwtd #44
This was one of those days. I wanted to be there but I don’t look like it.

wiwtd #44
wiwtd #44
Bored in short. I guess I get bored easily lately. All because life has been happening so fast and things are happening at the same time that I don’t know what an ordinary steady day feels like.

Have you ever felt that way?

wiwtd #44
That sounds bad does it? I should walk this off. Or just learn to live one moment in time and try to not thing of the things I am missing out much.

wiwtd #44
So let’s start living this moment by looking at this beautiful painting in front of me. And while we.are at it try to appreciate the intricate details of my top (it should be backless but I don’t do braless. I just can’t I don’t want to end up like that young model I saw this night with gravity doing its job very well with her boobs like that. Yes Rodel, Ruth and John I can’t get over that girl. She was a reminder of how I don’t want my boobs to look like even in my senior years!)

wiwtd #44
What I wore:

Blazer: LZD Fashion (my current favorite)
Top: SM Womens Fashion
Skirt: LZD Fashion
Shoes: Cinderella
Bag:Liz Clairborne
OOTD shot by: Rodel Flordeliz of Nognog in the City
Shot at: Makati Shangrila Hotel we were there for Sage Bar Makati’s Fashion Wednesday featuring Arnold Galang. Here is a glimpse of the show that night http://youtu.be/5mdY3nUAJH0

Sage Bar Makati Fashion Wednesday

Sage Bar presents Fashion Wednesday happens every Wednesday night at 10pm.

 Stay gorgeous everyone!

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