To Wax Or Not To Wax? Get Hairless Without the Hassle

Hair removal can sometimes feel like a full-time vocation. From ingrown hairs, razor rash and redness, to exfoliating, moisturising and maintaining; there are a fair few pitfalls to circumnavigate on the route to beautifully smooth and hairless skin. Half the battle is establishing a hair removal ritual that can be revisited with maximum results and minimal pain. Here are some of the options in the fight against those stubborn follicles.

Image by jyotibeautycare used under the Creative Commons license.
Image by jyotibeautycare used under the Creative Commons license.

Shaving: best for a quick fix
Quick, easy and pain-free, it’s no wonder that many women will never surrender their razor. However, hairs begin to grow back within 48 hours for most people, meaning every time you get in the shower, you’d better be prepared to reach for your shaving cream. Ingrown hairs and red, itchy bumps can be a problem. Prevent this by exfoliating your skin before and after shaving. Always use shaving cream, and use lotion with aloe vera on freshly-shaved skin to keep it soft and soothe irritation.

Waxing: best for holiday preparation
For those who struggle to make the time to shave every couple of days, waxing is certainly a convenient option. Inexperienced waxers should always go to a beautician before attempting home hair-elimination. Depending on your hair type the results can last much longer than shaving as it involves pulling hairs out from the roots. Hairs also grow back finer. However, the pain is too much for some people, and there is a degree of discomfort in exposing your bikini line to a perfect stranger.

go hair free this summer

Epilation: best for sustained results
Epilators have come a long way since they were first invented. Essentially a rotating roller with lots of little tweezing parts, the latest generation of epilating products can remove hair the size of a speck of sand. The results of an epilation session can last for 3-4 weeks before growing back, and many models of epilator can be used in the shower at home, or dry, making it a convenient and flexible alternative to shaving.

Hair-removal cream: best for fine hairs
This method works by adding chemicals that dissolve hair follicles at the root in order that you can easily wipe them away with a damp washcloth. It’s a good method for legs and underarms, but not recommended for sensitive areas like the bikini line or face. There’s also the matter of the cream itself, which contains an active ingredient that emits a rather unpleasant, eggy smell! You have been warned…

So what’s your preferred hair removal ritual? Care to share?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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