#WIWTD 43: Hello (2015)

I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye. Hello is the most powerful word against loneliness. A simple Hello could lead to a million things.

#WIWTD: Hello 2015
Busy is just an excuse. Go pick up the phone dial that number.

hello 2015
Have a conversation about life, plans to meet up soon or just non-sense. Just talk.

#WIWTD: Hello 2015
That feels good does it?

#WIWTD Hello 2015
It makes you want to call more friends …

#WIWTD: Hello 2015
Or maybe say hello to strangers in the bar!

#WIWTD: Hello 2015

Go ahead and do it, you have nothing to lose but more to gain.

Gain new friends, contacts for business or if you are single, maybe meet the one for you.

#WIWTD: Hello 2015
What I wore:
Top: Forever 21
Leggings: SM Woman
Bag: Tomato Clothing

Shoes: Janeo
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Android phone: ZTE Mobile
OOTD shot at Red Panda
OOTD shot taken by Ryan San Juan of Anak ng Pasig
#WIWTD: Hello 2015

HELLO (2015)
How are you?
Everything alright?
Like to hear from you.
Love to see you again.
Obviously, I miss you/ I want to know you more!

So, have you said hello?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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