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Things I’ve Learned from Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit

I am thankful that my family is blessed with good skin/genes.  I don’t have any chronic skin problem like acne, eczema or anything really serious that I would have to suffer for a lifetime or pass on to my daughter.

However, attending the Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit  was an eye opener.

Speakers at the event were Oilatum Dr. Wilsie Salas-Walinsundin , a pediatric dermatologist and she discussed common pediatric skin conditions and what could be done to avoid and treat them.  While Dr.Antonio Sision on the other hand, shared his expertise on the psychiatric effects of skin problems on children and maternal mental health.

Dr. Sision enlightened me about Psychodermatology and how mental condition and health affects a lot on a person’s skin condition and health as well.  He also stressed the importance of taking dry skin condition and problems of babies as this can later on have an impact on the kids life at school .

Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bathtime Summit

Oilatum held this summit as part of STADA’s game plan to help improve healthcare in the Philippines by providing quality products to the Filipinos such as Oilatum.

“With Oilatum, we believe that high quality skin care for toddlers is within reach. We know this would be great news to Filipino moms, and, as the brand promise says, another amazing way to show their love to their child” shared Mr. Gary Clark, APAC Regional Head of STADA. 

Oilatum bar soap is known and loved worldwide for being go-to soap for dry and sensitive skin. It is gentle for everyday use and recommended for all ages. 

Oilatum Bar Soap

It has Moisture PROTECTnology that ensures your skin is always smooth and healthy by moisturizing it sufficiently and locking the moisture in without the greasy feeling. Oilatum is available in Mercury Drugstore and other leading supermarkets.