Mood is an internal, subjective state but it often can be inferred from posture and other behaviors. “We can be sent into a mood by an unexpected event, from the happiness of seeing an old friend to the anger of discovering betrayal by a partner. We may also just fall into a mood.”*  Or we can just spray our mood.

I got four bottles of the latest Adore Fragrances variants that has set the user into four different moods each time they spray them on.

#SprayYourMood Adore Fragrances From left to right: Flirt, Sweet Desire, Innocent and Kiss.
I have a favorite scent and while the fragrance names have a suggestion when to #sprayyourmood I have to road test them firat with my sniff test ala fragrance connoiseur.

Adore Fragrances
So, what do I think of each scent?

Flirt variant says you’ll drive him crazy. Maybe spay just enough amount. It has the right feminine touch.

Kiss variant says you’ll spice up that sparkling personality.It smells woody and bit musky not so girly.

Innocent variant says invite original attraction. The scent is so sweet reminds me of honey and vanilla extract. Smells like candy!

Sweet Desire variant promises to make you feel wanted and desired. It smells fresh and light like you just got out of the shower. Light powdery touch.

The good thing about Adoré Fragrances is that they are so affordable you can spray a different mood each day.

Adoré Fragrances is available at your favorite department store beauty store or even drugstore for Php165 per 100 ml bottle.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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