Palmolive Naturals White + Papaya Body Wash Review

Did you know that the whitening products I have reviewed and posted about in the past remains to be the top search terms on this blog. This is because many Filipino (men or women) still have this colloquial mindset. In the Philippines whitening is still the number one desired beauty product effect.

Because of that whitening products are continuosly being developed and one of the ingredients sourced for “naturally whitening” the skin is Papaya. Papaya has fast become known for its skin whitening properties and many beauty companies have included this as an ingredient in their products.

Palmolive Naturals white + Papaya body wash

One of the new players that I love right now is the Palmolive Naturals White + Papaya Body Wash infused with the goodness of 100% papaya extract. It’s rich formula leaves your skin naturally fair, feeling moisturized, and noticeably softer after every shower.

Palmolive Naturals White + Papaya Body Wash

I have been using this body was for a week now, ( thank you Sampleroom! ) and I have noticed how my skin looks lighter than before and it feels softer and smoother and my color more even than before. In fact many have said I look younger and fresh (except for the major eyebags I have no idea how to rid off but maybe a surgery that I am scared to even try! yes there are things I won’t do for vanity and that is going under the knife!)

Palmolive Naturals white + Papaya Body Wash

What I think about it:

  • What I notice about Palmolive Naturals White + Papaya Body Wash is the scent. Each time I squeeze the bottle and put some liquid on my sponge the fragrance just fills the air and it smells good. It smells like a perfectly ripe papaya with that bite and a mix of vitamin c (I like fruity citrucy-orangey scents).
  • The 200 ml bottle is estimated to last for 50 washes, I have been using it fora week and the bottle has not been half-empty yet. A little amount goes a long way.
  • You might feel your your skin slippery even if you rinsed it thoroughly. Don’t worry you are clean! For the best lather, apply a small amount of liquid to a wet sponge or cleansing puff.
  • It’s 100% soap free, pH balanced to suit your skinInspite of being soap free it amazes me how it lathers up really well and that a small amount of it is enough for the entire body. It is not recommended to use for kids below 3 years old!

Sa totoo lang, pumuti na ako sa lagay na ito and I can feel it! Haha!

How about you, have you tried this body was yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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