#ClaraOleDateNight #BU9xSmart

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#ClaraOleDateNight #BU9xSmart

Yesterday, I was able to pull-oof two major events of my blogging life. One was for my duties as an ambassador of Clara Ole where I hosted a #ClaraOleDateNight with my single-at-that-moment friends came to support me. I love you all Thank you from the bottom of my bottomless heart. Will post more about what happened at the event soon.

#ClaraOleDateNight #BU9xSmart
And of course the Bloggers United Bazaar season 9 #BU9xSmart I was there at Whitespace in the morning to open shop haha then later that night to close shop! Will poat more about it too.

Just to let you know the #ClaraOleDateNight and #BU9xSmart were two hashtags I was uncomfy to use because… but both were successful because of all the friends and readers who never fails to support. Thank you all and Thank you Universe for being generous to me!

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One thought on “#ClaraOleDateNight #BU9xSmart

  1. Wow congrats! Lagarista ka talaga! Must be fun to host your own datenight party!
    More blessings to you!ngrats! Lagarista ka talaga! More blessings to you!

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