#WIWTD 71: Crusin’

My last summer hooray for this 2015 was at Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera last week.

Puerto Nirvana Puerto Galera
It was actually my first time in Galera and I was glad I saw the other side of the island and not the popularly known wild party place of the area. Puerto Nirvana was cozy, simple and serene resort with calm beach front water.

Puerto Nirvana
And instead of recommending you to party at the white beach they will show you other activities you can do and places to see in Galera.

Puerto Nirvana
One of the best things we did in there was when we wentspeed boating.  That was awesome!

Puerto Nirvana

What I wore:
Swimwear: Coco Cabana at St Woman
Swimshorts: SM Woman
Denim skirt: Levis
Eyewear: Jeans and Rozs
Taken by Rhea Bue at Puerto Nirvana
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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