What Happens at a Crossfit Training Session for Beginners

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What Happens at a Crossfit Training Session for Beginners

I had the chance to finally try Crossfit Training myself at one of the most prestigious fitness training facility for athletes here in the country today, SPARTA Pioneer! Thanks to #EnsureStayStrong media event for inviting me over to experience what happens at a Crossfit Training Session for Beginners and if it is for me.

We see it almost everywhere. Our favorite athletes, sexy celebrities and even some friends in our Facebook timeline do it. They take pics and some vids that looks intense but looks easy at the same time. But how hard or how easy can it really be?

Crossfit Training for Beginners at SParta
At SPARTA, they had us change to our sports training attire and took our BMI (Body Mass Index) and Grip Strength, for us to use as a reference on what we are now and what we should aim for when it comes to fitness and strength training.

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge
The one who measured me said I was normal, but I think she was just being nice. I usually am 50kgs, but when we weighed that day I was 48.3kgs. BMW is 19.6 with Muscle mass of 24.6 and Fat mass of 31.3!(now that’s not normal!) My handgrip is 28.9.

#EnsureStayStrong Grip Strength Challenge
Before the crossfit challenge we had a super hearty healthy meal from Juju Cleanse!

Juju Cleanse Diet
Juju Cleanse drink
Then it’s time!

Omg! When I looked at the indoor training field,I said to myself “Whoa, this is legit. Am I ready to take the challenge? Am I ready for this? Am I strong enough? This training field is huge!”

Sparta athletic training center
Let’s do this! Watch how newbies do it here:

There are several stations in the field.

First was the push-up area. We have to try to do as many push-up as we can for 30seconds and we have to do it in 3sets.

Push-up 3sets 30seconds each
Looks and sounds like easy but it was hard! Here’s how to measure how you pass the push up test for women:

Push-up Test Women
Then the hardest part of all The Crawl!

Crossfit for beginners at SPARTA
You have to crawl knees should not touch the floor with left and right hand going on the same direction. Should be done 3sets for 30seconds each.

Followed by the squats. 3sets 30seconds.

Crossfit for beginners at SPARTA
This was the easiest to do, the walk with weights on the side. For women there 8kg dumbels/weights each hand, for men 12kgs each. 3sets for 30seconds.

Crossfit for beginners at SPARTA
Then we do the Ropes! Wave the ropes as fast as you can in 30seconds for 3sets!

Crossfit Training For Beginners at SPARTA
After the five sets of task we did we had some cool down stretching session.

Crossfit Training Session for Beginners  at SPARTA
What I think of it?

  • It definitely is an intense workout that will make you sweat like crazy. We had the crossfit Training Session for Beginners but I was intense. It may seem not too much as the entire session is just about 15minutes or less. The workout session  we did was something that stretched a lot of muscles that was sleeping or was not used a lot.
  • I almost throw-up I don’t know why but I also felt a bit dizzy and was catching my breathe a lot. This is a sign that I need to be more physically active and exercise more because I need to get in tip-top shape. I even had cramps after!
  • Crossfit training is something I would like to do more often but it is more fun doing it with friends as they’re kinda support system and cheering squad at the same time. You push each other to your limit!
    But the trainors/staff at Sparta was amazing, they are very encouraging, I almost gave up in the Crawl but the Trainor beside me was cheering for me so I was able to finish it.
  • You need to hydrate. I think my dizziness was out of dehydration, I did not hydrate a lot when we started so I was crying for water at the end of the Crawl. I’m glad we had standby water and towels!

I am a Spartan!
Will I do it again?
Yes. Even if it took me two days to get over a sore body, I will definitely do it again. When I stopped sweating after the crossfit training session, I felt really light and good like all toxins in my body was flushed out. I have never sweat as much as I did that day.

Sparta Athletic Training Center is located at Pioneer St in Mandaluyong. This is where the real deal athletes train. If you want to know their rates and seeds visit sparta.com.ph or follow them on Instagram @sparta_ph!

How about you have you tried Crossfit training before? How was it? If not, do you want to try?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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