Baguio Craft Brewery Craft Beer Tasting and Review

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Baguio Craft Brewery Craft Beer Tasting and Review

One of the fun things to do when in Baguio is go on a food trip or have a drink (coffee or alcohol) because the weather is cool and you need to get warm!  One of the most famous place to have a drink in Baguio is the Baguio Craft Brewery which is one of the first craft beer makers in Baguio if not in the Philippines (if I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong)

Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery
It was such a pleasure that the venue picked for the  Grab Taxi Baguio formal launch was Baguio Craft Brewery.As the owner , Christopher, a Fil-Canadian, was gracious enough to let me try all the 16 Craft Beer on the bar that day.

Place was nicely located, at a second and third floor/rooftop of a building in Ben Pilapis Highway, Brgy. Pilapil, overlooking the entire Baguio City.  There are transient rooms for rent at the lower ground level where one could probably stay if too drunk! (haha).

Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery
One of the main attraction of Baguio Craft Brewery, aside from their craft beer of course, is their bar/ tasting room. The bar a.k.a. the Beer Shrine is beautiful, the bar is made of wood, the handle bars for each tap had a little wooden ethic art sculpture that displays the craftsmanship of Baguio folks.

Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery
Grab taxi drivers invited at the launch!
Now the moment you’ve been waiting for let’s go beer tasting!

Baguio Craft Brewery
They have 39 kinds of craft beer and the tap list rotates every time so customers have the time to try everything out and find what suit them best.

Craft Beer Tasting in Baguio Craft Brewery
On the Tap List that day was the following:

  1. Rolling Fog, craft beer with Banana flavor
  2. Kabunyan, American Wheat Beer
  3. Pugaw, Indian Pale Ale
  4. Keywheat, Kiwi Beer
  5. Kraken, craft beer with coffee
  6. Hop Attack, something they call Internal IPA
  7. Extintor, very light beer taste like San Mig Light!
  8. Stout Crusader, craft beer with Coffee and Chocolate
  9. Black Sparrow, Dark Wheat Beer
  10. IDA, Raspberry Beer
  11. Message in a Bottle, their best seller dark beer
  12. Old Xavier, taste like San Mig Pale Pilsen
  13. Orly’s Dunkenweizel, with slightly toasted chocolate
  14. Hoppy Ending, with 9 different hops
  15. Hop Wheat, a lighter version of Hoppy Ending
  16. Dough’s Flying Amber, Baguio Craft Brewery latest craft beer release this August 1, 2015.

I was game that day to try everything out so as to find which beer flavor I will have for the entire night.

Watch me try all 16 craft  beer flavors and my unbiased and uncensored opinion and reaction for every beer flavor on the tap list that night:

Among the 16 Craft Beer I have tried, my Top 3 Favorite Baguio Craft Beer Flavor are the following.
1. Rolling Fog 
2. IDA
3. KeyWeat

I pick these three because obviously, I am not a beer drinker .  These three beer flavor have that fruity taste or kinda sweet and less bitter, they’re the girly beer, according to the barista with me that night.

Baguio Craft Brewery Tasting Tray

For regular customers they have the Tasting Tray, where you can try 6 types of craft beer in one tray fo Php390.00 only. This is perfect for those who have more than 1 beer favorite.  You also get to save if you opt for the Tasting Tray as the price for a glass of craft beer is between Php160.00 to Php230.00.  The tray is no ordinary tray it is custom made of wood!


Aside from the craft beer they have food to go with your beer.


Baguio Craft Brewery Tasting room Craft Beer Tasting at Baguio Craft Brewery Craft Beer Tasting at Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery Baguio Craft Brewery Beer Tasting Baguio Craft Brewery Beer Tasting
The experience was fun, the craft beer are worth trying out, while the price is more expensive than the regular beer, you know it is “homegrown” “handmade” “crafted” beer.  I enjoyed the beer tasting and the place so much that I would like to try the other 23 beers I have missed. Hopefully I get to try it again on my next visit to Baguio!

Baguio Craft Brewery  review
As for you, I suggest you drop by at Baguio Craft Brewery when you visit Baguio. Trying it out yourself will make you know what’s your flavor, as for me I know dark beer is not for me. Haha.  It’s located at Ben Palispis Hwy, Baguio, Benguet, or you can book a Grab Taxi to take you there.

How about you what kind of beer brew do you like? Do you like it bitter, dark or light?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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