#CampCouragePh: Teaching Teens the Courage to Seize the Moment

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid, it means you don’t let fear stop you!”


Waving our yes or no cards, I felt so bagets again seated in a crowd of young ones . I was one with them while we were discussing about the pains and difficulties of that awkward moment when we were still a teen, discovering ourselves and at the same time experiencing physical changes as a girl.


Camp Courage, is a movement that seeks to help Filipina teens build confidence and be able to seize the moment. The kick-off event was held at the Sen. Renato Cumpanero Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School

At #CampCouragePH teens will be fed with the right information and tools they need to overcome the many difficult challenges they go through brought about the feeling being dyahe, hiya or kaba and turn it into kayang-kaya!

#CampCouragePh Liza Soberano

#CampCouragePh will go around the Philippines to reach out to about 400,000 Filipina teens in 500 schools nationwide. It will conduct workshops and activities that will help girls understand their bodies even better, know the right things to do in any situation, and find opportunities when reading they can enhance their talent and skills even more.

The camp is more like a boot camp for personality development for girls with a bunch of support groups with Liza Soberano as the ambassador for the camp.
As the camp courage school program encouraged teens to face their teen challenges head on, inspire them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

By September 2015, www.ourcampcourage.ph will be launched as a support system website for teens who can share inspiring stories and encourage each other.


Among the Johnson and Johnson brands supporting the campaign are Clean & Clear, which seeks to help girls show their real self with the confidence of clean and clear skin; Carefree, which aims to let them discover new experiences with the well-maintained fresh confidence; and lastly, Modess, which empowers them to make their move with unrestrained confidence.

This advocacy was done after a research by J&J found out that 75% of teens age 13 – 17 years old have this desire to do what they want without being judged this is where the insecurities /fear/shyness and stage fright (hiya, dyahe and kaba) comes from.

It is good that there are boot camp like this, I do hope that aside from just going for it and trying new things without fear, they also teach them that there is a good kind of fear so they can also be discerning enough to know what when it is ok to say no. As some of the speakers that day someone just said they should always say yes and go.

How about you what we’re your greatest fear when you were a teenager, care to share?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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