Soma Sessions to Wait Out the Traffic

Would you rather get stuck in the horrible traffic of Metro Manila (EDSA mostly) , get past your hunger in whatever vehicle you are in.  Or would you rather wait out the traffic, enjoy good food and company, and maybe sing your heart out at an open mic session ?
I pick option two.   Sitting with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, munching on some chips or chicken wings, and sing a song or two until the traffic eases up, sounds very fine to me.   With that said,  the invitation I had to SOMA Bistro at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati for their #SomaSessions was very timely this Holiday season, and guess what it was a great night was home by 11 and had a good sleep because of that. No stress at all!
#SomaSessions at Soma Bistro
SOMA Bistro have Open Mic sessions every Thursday night #SomaSessions from 6PM to 10:30PM . Their live band is from Strumms and they can sing any song you want.  The night we were there, the crowd was the child of the 80’s and so we sang most 80’s song like Apo Hiking Society, Kuh Ledesma , although they were able to play Adele when someone in the younger generation sang it.
#SomaSessions at Soma Bistro at Greensun Hotel
They also have food for your liking , sandwiches, salad, salmon, Filipino dishes, etc.
Soma Bistro at Greensun Hotel
SOMA Bistro at Greensun Hotel
Soma Bistro at Greensun hotel
Soma Sessions at Soma Bistro Greensun Hotel
Soma bistro
If you get too tired or drunk  going home you can stay at the hotel,  rates start a little over Php2,000.00+++.  They have this crew ship type rooms and rooms that can accommodate a large crew.
Greensun Hotels
Did you know that that APEC2015 small business entrepreneurs summit  was held here too.  They used The Eye events center where images gets projected at 360 degrees.
For the Holidays,  GreenSun has an ongoing  where you can book two nights for the price of one. Stay period should be from December 22 – January 2, 2016.
Meanwhile , the #SomaSessions at Soma Bistro will resume after the Holiday break and will be happening every Thursday nights. You may visit or call (+632)5489200 for inquiries and reservations.
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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