Proactiv Solutions for Stubborn Zits + Initial Review

Proactiv Solutions is one of the anti-acne product I am very much familiar with because I have seen it decades ago from the TV shopping network I used to watch frequently to pass time. While it is a popular brand as I’ve seen Taylor Swift and Britney Spears endorse the product before, I have not used this product ever as I am lucky to have nice skin back then.

Unfortunately, because of frequent Holiday parties and get together that kept me up very late and had me eat very oily , fatty, and carbs, I have been getting breakouts, one piece at a time at inconspicous spots on my face that I can hide with makeup. Until this week, when this annoying zit started to sit in the middle of my face. It’s not just an ordinary zit but super big (as big as a one peso coin), very red and well, I look like someone punched me on the face! It is totally annoying.

Proactiv Solutions hiding from acne

Because of that , I went out wearing a hat and sunglasses today because makeup won’t hide my ugly ginormous zit. This is so inconvenient really as I wanted to look my best this Holiday season as there are numbers of get togethers I need to attend or want to attend.

What makes this pimple extra-ordinary and very alarming for me is that it’s not getting “ripe” fast as I normally do when I’m having a breakout. Not even that pimple busting cream I got recently was not doing anything to it.
Then I remembered the Proactiv Solutions 30 Day Kit sitting at the corner of my room. I think it has been waiting patiently for me to finally use it! No one is spared from acne indeed.

Proactiv Solutions review

Product Info
Developed and recommended by dermatologists, Proactiv Solution’s 3-Step System helps clear existing acne and prevents future breakouts without taking much of your time. The skincare regimen only takes 5 minutes to do, so it is easy to integrate it to your daily skin care routine.

With deep cleaning prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv’s Renewing Cleanser penetrates pores and heals blemishes fast. Proactiv’s Step 1 contains smooth tiny beads that exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities while its Step 2, an alcohol-free Revitalizing Toner with soothing botanicals that gently balance the skin tone, removes excess oil for a refreshed, clear skin. Proactiv’s Step 3 consists of the Repairing Treatment, a light, oil-free skin-clearing lotion that heals blemishes and helps prevent new ones from forming.

Proactiv Solutions 30 Day Kit

Each Proactiv kit comes with a free Refining Mask that’s sure to keep your skin clear and acne-free this merry-making season. Formulated with Sulfur, a proven acne- fighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin, the Refining Mask gently unplugs pores, pampers inflamed skin, and softens the skin’s texture.

Watch Me As I Use the Proactiv Solutions 30 Day Kit

What I think of it?

  • All of the products in the kit is promising. It doesn’t have any scent or fragrance, but it does “smell” fresh and clean.
  • What I like about the cleanser is that microbeads on it that scrubs gently scrups and exfoliates the skin but its non-abrasive.
  • The treatment is not oily and it doesnt make the face look oily or greasy. It actually feels refreshing and cool. Very light on the skin.
  • I love the mask the most as it feels like I’m in a facial salon, very relaxing and I can feel my skin tighten and I can feel the solutions getting in my pore.
  • What I like best is that it got my zit ripen right away! As soon as I’m done with all the steps I saw my pimple ripe and ready to pop and so will the “puss” that’s making my face swell . Yes, this zit is that serious! Take a look at my pic!
  • I am excited as to how long will it take for my zit to go away using the Proactiv Solutions 30 Day Kit.

D0 I recommend it?

While this is my first time and day 1 of trying the product, I already see some result. I know it is kinda early for me to make recommendations but as far as I have tried, if you have stubborn zits that won’t ripen, pop-out and dry (it is very importan for it to come out!) then I suggest you use this one. I have never had a pimple like this in my life and I am glad I have a stash of Proactiv Solutions waiting for me!

Proactiv Solutions 30 Day Kit review

Hopefully, by Christmas day my acne is gone and I can celebrate the day without having to hide behind my sunnies or hat , or if worst comes to worst Starwars masks! I will update this post as to how long it took for my skin to be blemish free again!

If you are interested Proactiv Solution comes in 30-Day kit (P2,495) and 60-Day kit (P3,995) and is available at all Watsons nationwide.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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