Is Organique Acai Really Effective?

Is Orgqnique Acai Really Effective?  That is the question I’ve been getting lately.

The promotion on Organique Acai Premium Blend was really agressive this past year.  I for one, was one of those who bought a bottle nine months ago after my mother suffered a major stroke. Was it effective?

We got her a bottle when we were looking for ways to get my mom back to shape. Her physique was badly affected after having a stroke . Hospitalized for 2 weeks, she can barely walk, can’t even talk, she was not even in shape to help herself go to the bathroom when needs it. She had a hard time eating eat solids.

My mom did not finish the bottle,  but after a few weeks of slipping in Organique Acai Premium Blend on her fruit juice drinks and medicine, we noticed improvements.  Her food selection became wider and she now can sit longer and even take a few walks around the house. I’m not crediting it all to the Acai berry juice ‘coz she was taking other medicines.

Anyway, since my mom did not finish the bottle, I decided to finish it myself.  Was there any change? Hard to tell as I only have it for a few weeks.

Fast forward to recently when I was given another bottle and a chance to actually monitor improvements or changes (if any).

Organique Acai Premium Blend

What is Organique Acai (pronounced as ah-sah-ee) Premium Blend?
It is made with pure acai berry which is considered as the top superfoods with the best nutritional contents. It has more antioxidant than any other fruit or vegetable combined and the fruit is only found in the rainforest of Brazil and the Amazon.

What are its health benefits?
“Organique Acai Berry is rich in antioxidants that fight and get rid of cell-damaging free radicals that cause premature aging and can make their way into your body through pollution, smoking, and chemicals found in our tap water and foods. Free radicals are said to eventually cause diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and are also linked to the growth of cancer, tumors, as well as leukemia and other blood-related diseases.”

How do you take it?
It is recommended to take 30ml a day, you can have it pure or diluted mixed in your favorite drink. One bottle of Organique Acai Premium Blend has 946ml, so one bottle is good for 30 days.

What I think of it?
I took it everyday , one shot glass, incuded in the package given to me. When you buy it in Watsons you get the shot glass for free. I took the berry pure as is every morning when I wake up, even before my coffee. I usually drink coffee or hot choco or milk tea in the morning when I wake up to ease the hunger pangs I get after the night sleep. But after a few days of taking Organique Acai I felt less acidic and I feel less hungry to not hungry at all in the morning. I feel lighter and I get to do #2 with easeand regularly in the morning after taking acai.
I think and feel my skin looks better, I even get a lot of compliments that my skin looks really good these days, I even look younger than ever. But of course I am using good skin care product like the Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator and take my vitamin E and C and drink a lot of fruit juices that also contributes to my healthy skin.

Do I recommend it?
Why not! I mean my mom who had a major stroke tried it for a few weeks and had better appetite after. I tried it for a month and I feel less hungry than I normally do in the morning. While I think it takes more than a month of consistently drinking the Organique Acai Premium Blend to experience the full results, it does not hurt to drink to your health.

It is a food supplement with no approved therapeuitc claims so don’t put so high expectations to it, it may or may not work for you.  If you want to live healthy then change your lifestyle.

A bottle of Organique Acai Premium Blend is sold at Php2,500.00 at Watsons and leading drugstores in the country. Just beware where you buy it as fake acai berry is everywhere these days, this brand is the only USDA-approved Acai Berry food supplement in the market and contains the highest concentration of acai berry. Better buy it at trusted selling venues like Watsons or Mercury Drug to be sure.

You may visit for more information about the product.

How about you, have you tried acai berry before? How was it with you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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