KILO OFF — Ready to Achieve a Flat Tummy?

Are you ready to lose some Kilo Off this year?

One of my goals for the year is to lose weight. I want to stop binging (curb my appetite) and become a healthier version of me. My urgent need for this month is to lose some belly fat so I can confidently wear a swimming attire at a beach trip scheduled this week.

Kilo Off Achieve a Flat Tummy

Incidentally, an invitation for the launch of Kilo Off Weight Loss Supplement at Earth Kitchen atn BGC came. Without any hesitation I went because the product promises something that is at sync with my plans . I’ve been dying to achieve a flat tummy and lose some weight gained over the holidays.  Who knows, this might be the product I am waiting for!
At the event, I learned more about  Kilo Off the benefits of using it and why I should use it right away!

Kilo Off comes in 4 different variants: a powder drink, a capsule, and two different kinds of liquid drink. All 4 has different purpose but generally all of them promises to help you lose weight safely, burn fats, lose excess water and toxins in the body, flatten your stomach, crub your food cravings and as a mean to support your healthy weight maintenance .

Kilo Off Achieve a flat tummy

The Kilo Off Powder Drink is best taken after breakfast or exercise. It helps burn fats, curb cravings, increase metabolism and keep a flat stomach. It retails for Php995.00 for a box of 10 sachets.
Kilo Off Liquid Drink (retails at Php895.00 a bottle) comes in two variants the Orange Bottle to be taken after major meals (lunch or dinner) and the Purple Bottle to be taken after breakfast. The Orange bottle contains fiber that aids in digestion. The Purple Bottle is to burn fat and drain water.
Kilo Off 24 Capsule (sold at Php850 a box of 30 pills) is meant to slim you down and provide 24 hour fat burning effect. Take 1 to 2 capsules before every meals with a maximum of 4 capsules a day. Four capsules is recommended if your weiht loss need is urgent. The capsule is more focused on burning fat . Take the capsule if you need to lose weight quicker.

How to properly use/ take Kilo Off products:

You can use all four Kilo Off variants in one day but do not take it simultaneously. Or you can combine the use of two products. Just like mentioned above they should be taken at the specific recommended time to make them work.  It is suggested to take the pill or the powder 20 days straight.  The contents of the liquid bottle can be taken up to 8 days.  After completing the 20 day use it is suggested to take a rest from using the product for 15 days before using it again.

You might want to watch this video I took during the event to see how you should to properly take Kilo Off :

Does any of the variants have laxative effect? If you take more tha what was recommeded it will have that effect. But if you take it as what was stated above there won’t be any problem.
People with high blood pressure or heart problem and allergies to fish are not recommended to take this.

Kilo Off is meant to help you achieve your weight and body goals but it won’t work as effectively as you hope for if you don’t become active. You should also watch your diet and exercise as you take the products.

Personally, I have been taking Kilo Off 24 Capsule and Kilo Off Liquid Drink Orange for more than 3 days now , I took 3 capsules a day and drink one liquid per day and no kidding, I feel less bloated, my tummy starts to feel tighter . I also have less cravings, I eat less than I used to. I am very much focused on losing weight and maintain a slimmer physique at this age. The Orange Kilo Off Liquid drink is easy to take, the more prominent taste is the tamarind. The capsule is not bad either.

Kilo Off Achieve a Flat Tummy

Kilo Off is made in France and all active ingredients are all natural and safe. Product is manufactured by Laboratories Vitarmonyl and is BFAD approved. You may get your preferred Kilo Off product at selected Watsons branches in the country.  For more information about Kilo Off you may follow their social media accounts: Kilo Off on Facebook and @kilo_off on Instagram.

So are you ready to lose some Kilo Off your body?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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