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PrAna x Regetta Canoe Eco-Fashion Products Is Finally Here

I know what you’re thinking, what is an Eco-fashion product?

Eco-fashion products are products that leave minimal to zero carbon footprints as well as ones that are made organically.  Avoiding, wherever and whenever possible, process that can cause harm to people or to the environment.

I was glad to be introduced to two lifestyle brands that both embody this green philosophy without having to sacrfice style and functionality, plus promote healthy living. PrAna x Regetta Canoe #prAnaxRegettaCanoe share the common ground in its advocay of promoting environmental sustainability and wellbeing through fashion.


PrAna is Sanskirt for breath, life ad vitality of the spirit.  Their product includes yoga and surf-inspired products which includes stylish tops, tank tops, and bra tops, sweater and hoodies, dresses and skirts, swimwear and pants for the ladies.  While the menswear line offers casual performance shirs and shorts. The brand was conceptualized by Beaver Theodosakis and wife Pam in 1992. All prAna products are made using fewer toxins and chemicals such as natural fibers, organic cotton and recycled materials!

The brand is a certified partner of Bluesign Technologies, an emeriging standard that ensures environmental health and safety in textile production. For this summer season, prAna products will be exclusively available in Aura Athletica.



Regetta Canoe launched their range of ultra-modern vegan footwear that features a handful of impressive qualities.  These key design elements include – patentedergonomi insoles and outsoles, Regettacell Technology, and the Sandwich-Sole-Structure- all of which aim to provide balance and comfort for its weares. What sets Regetta Canoe apart from the rest is its commitment to a vegan brad spirit.  Each footwear undergoes cruelty-free and animal-free product deign and production – contributing greatly to the reduction of animal suffering and environment pollution.

Their products include ergonomic and fashion-forward footwear for men, women and kids, that promise balanced walking and proper posture, impact absorption for short or long walks, arch support that improves blood circulation, toe and heel guard , and 100% vegan product!



So, even if it seems the footwear looks big for my feet, it is actually made to look that way to correct my posture and balance!  This is actually the best footwear to wear after workout .

We were able to try out the #prAnaxRegettaCanoe products at the Yoga session we had at OneLife Studio where we were able to test their flexibility and comfort.  I was given the petite crop top from prAna and I love how it stays snug and in place the whole time I was doing those challenging Yoga poses.

The Egg Heel Pansy Regetta Canoe on the other hand looks unusual to me because of its very modern design.  But I feel very comfortable wearing it as it conforms to the shape of my foot arch and its very comfortable to wear even if it loosk bulky and heavy!

PrAna x Regetta Canoe is exclusivly distributed in the Philippines by Primer Group of Companies.  PrAna is available at Aura Athletica and select GRIND and R.O.X. stores.  Regetta Canoe is available at select Res Toe Run stores in the country.

Find them on Social Media:
prAnaPh on Facebook on Instagram #pranahph or #prAnaxRegettaCanoe
Regetta Cano @RegettaCanoePh on Facebook and Instagram #RegettaCanoePh #BalaceWalkBalanceTalk


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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