Mother’s Day Gift of Sleep

It’s heart warming to know when brands you trust and know also acknowledges the hard work you go through being a mom.

Yesterday, Uratex had a surprise Sparty for mommy bloggers at the Ronac Lifestyle Center in Paseo de Magallanes.    They had each mom get head to foot pampering treat, I love the paraffin treatment the best, while others had a makeup makeover as well which enhanced their beauty some more ready for a Friday night date with their hubby or partners.  Some had their kids and grandchildren with the too. Uratex did a great job at bringing in an entire shop of Celebrity Nails for this treat!

Aside from the pamperting treatment, moms were able to find out things that can make their sleep better , ergo the gift of sleep, by trying out out the Xsensor Machne – an image pressuring device that helps sleepers detect which matress best fits their needs.   An ENT Sleep Specialist from the Philippines Society of Sleep Medicine Dr, Keith Aguillera also shared some tips on how to get better sleep.

It was my first time at Ronac Lifestyle Center and it was a pleasant trip as I have discovered so many new product from Uratex, you may see the products at But that is a different story to tell. For now I am grateful for Uratex Mother’s Day treat it was a generous gesture.

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