Travel and Change for Good #CebuPacxUnicef

Travel and Change for Good #CebuPacxUnicef

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

It’s been said a million times that travelling changes your life. But it was not as impactful as this knowing your loose change (in any currency) can contribute to change lives of underpriveledge (Filipino)  children.

Recently, Cebu Pacific formally announced the partnership with UNICEF to support Unicef’s first 1000 days Health and Nutrition program .  The Change for Good program will be initially impremented on Cebu Pacific’s Manila hub starting July 1 and will be initally rolled across its other destinations.   This program aims optimal health and nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a Filipino child, from a mother’s pregranancy to the child’s second year of life.

The focus on the first 1,000 days by UNICEF was deemed very important because it is the foundation.  These days are the most critical window that will safeguard the health and nutrition of child for life.  The first 1,000 days is consired to be the time of a kids life that will secure him from life-threatening childhood diseases.  Because of good health he will have more energy to finish more years in school and eventually secure a better future.  The first 1,00 days is critical to bridge the gap during the growth stunting period that will determine if the child will be under weight, under height, and will be behind on almost everything in life.  Unicef made a study on this matter which you can find on their website that I enumerated below.

If you want to be part of this travel for change, change for good advocay , all you have to do is contribute your change.  Put it in an envelope they will hand out to you during the flight on a Cebu Pacific flight. Any amount will do, no commitements. But if you want to help some more there are more ways than one to do so.

The #CebuPacxUnicef partnership  was held at Crown Plaza in Ortigas and was graced by the presence of Cebu Pacific President and CEO Mr. Lance Gocongwei, UNICEF Representive Lotta Sylwander, and UNICEF ambassadors Gary Valenciano and Anne Curtis.

Event was also attended with fellow travel bloggers friends, Mark, Chino, Edgar and Christine.
Event was also attended by fellow bloggers who loves to travel : Mark, Chino, Edgar and Christine.

For more information on the Change for Good program visit and

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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