I’m Getting Married?

I got this package and wondered did Avon know something she did not know? The package was labeled “for the bride” and “for the father of the bride” was it sent by mistake? What’s in the box?

I just got a very creative and curious package tonight and it sent me off the roof. Apparently I am getting married and I don’t know about it!

Yes, a large box came with markings, “For the Bride” and for the “Father of the Bride” . It was my elder sister who got the package coz I was still away and I had to be interrogated about it online “Is there something you are not telling the Fambam?”

How I wish!

First of, I don’t have a groom yet. Second of, the father is long gone, lie 8 years gone before us. This package must be a huge mistake.

However it was not, it is actually a package from my good friends at Avon. Since June is both know for the month of Weddings and Father’s Day they sent these box over as a suggestion of gifts for brides to be and father of the brides to be.

It is packed with wonderful stuff that both bride or non-bride and father or just a bachelor would love.

For the Bride there is a beautiful lace brasserie and set of panties, a set of jewelries with necklace, earrings and watch, and of course makeup and Lotion.

For the Father of the Bride there’s bunch of wallets, messenger bag, toolkit set, belt, watch and even jewelries like necklace and bracelet and a hydration bottle.

All of these items are available from Avon, you may visit Avon.Com.Ph @avonph or find the nearest Avon representative in your area.

I want to know, what was the most curious package you got that make you freak out or got you confused? Let me know in the comments section!

Or we’ll if you want to be my groom. You may fill up an application below! If you dare apply and you are single not taken okay? Maybe I’ll give you a chance! Haha! Send your proposals, comments, suggestions below!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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