Top Reasons to Download the 7-Eleven CLiQQ App + Free Slurpee Day

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have their mobile phone close to them.  I don’t know anyone who has not visit a 7-Eleven store either.

Put those two together and you have life so conveniently at your fingertips.  It’s having whatever you need, wherever you are , all you have to do is #JustCliqqIt.

Recently, 7-Eleven Philippines launched their new app Cliqq.  It’s the mobile app version of their Every Day! Rewards Card but way much better.  If you love Slurpee and frequent a 7-Eleven for your emergency needs then this is the app you need.   But just to convince you more, here are the reasons to download the 7Eleven CliQQ App:

CLICK APP #JustCliqqIt

  1. Being a 7-Eleven patron there times I forget my Every Day! Rewards card and I feel bad not having to claim rewards point.   Good thing I don’t forget my smartphone, I have it wherever I am. I just flash my barcode and I get my rewards points.  Earn 1 point for every Php50 spent.
  2. It’s like having a 7-Eleven at your fingertips.  Youcan buy load, pay bills, or add cash to e-money accounts.
  3. You can also use the app to connect to their free Internet via WiFi.
  4. You can use your points to buy load, pay bills or add cash to e-money accounts.
  5. You get to know about 7-Eleven latest promos and offers  right away by browsing the News and Promost tab.
  6. If there’s anything you need, you can post your comments and suggestions at the feedback menu.

You may download the Cliqq App at it is available on iOS and android.


By the way, 7-Eleven is celebrating it’s 50 years in the convenience store industry in the U.S. and is giving away free Slurpee in participating stores in U.S. and Canada only this July 11, 2016 from 11am to 7pm!  Try their new flavor birthday cake !

It would be awesome to see you post about your free slurpee or if you use your Cliqq app!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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