Comparison: SkinWhite Classic Light & SkinWhite Advanced

One of the reasons I don’t like whitening products is that they have this distinct smell that everyone can notice from afar.  Another is that they leave a white mask/ white covering on your skin and this mask is kinda sticky and thick .

While the mask is some sort of the sunblock protection and the thickness and stickiness is the ingredients that makes whitening products effective, it’s not always that.  To back up my observation,  I have compared two whitening lotion from the same manufacturer but with different components, the new and improved SkinWhite Classic Light & SkinWhite Advanced whitening lotion .

In the video below you can see how the SkinWhite Advanced is thicker in consistency compared to the SkinWhite Classic Light which looks like it’s almost ready to melt into my skin as it turns very liquid and very transparent like water when applied.   You can also see how the SkinWhite Classic Light does not leave a white mask on the skin compared to the other.   And something I cannot show you on cam but you can feel the difference when you apply, is that the Classic Light feels cool to the skin when applied, the Advanced is warm.

New and Improved SkinWhite Classic Light Lotion:
Has SPF 10 with light technology, this means it helps make the old SkinWhite Classic better by giving the same whitening promise (whiter within 2 weeks!) but without the heavy and steaky feel)
This one looks very transparent and does not have white mask on

SkinWhite Advanced 
Has SPF 20 has Power Lightening using an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology that safely attacks the three stages of melanin production suppresses it and prevents the release of melanin to the uppermost layer of the skin, preventing skin darkening and helps achieve your whitest white skin with continuous use.
This one is heavier because of higher SPF content and leaves a white mask on.
Both are available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 350ml pump.

What I think about both:
Personally I would use the SkinWhite Classic Light because it doesn’t cover my real skin but let’s me show off my true colors.  It’s non-sticky and feels cool on the skin compared to the other.  But if you don’t go out in the sun or beach that much and prefer to become lighter than you are, then you might want to use SkinWhite Advanced because it has higher SPF and greater concentration on the melanin suppression making your skin lighter and prevents it to get darker. 

SkinWhite products are available at your favorite skin care isle at all leading department stores and beauty stores in the country.  Check out Sampleroom as well as they just recently gave out free full sized samples to members! I was able to get mine with Kim Chiu’s album and the SkinWhite Whitening Face Cream Powder included! 

In case you have tried both don’t forget to tag @SampleRoomPh and @SkinWhitePowerWhiteningPh @SkinWhiteClassicPh @SkinWhite on your social media posts using hashtags #SkinWhite #SampleroomPh.

Stay gorgeous everyone! 

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