Top 9 Ways to Ruin your First Date

The first date with a new girl has never been an easy challenge. You have so many things to worry about WHILST your anxiety should not be obvious in order to look natural and, at least, average. Don’t listen to dating advisers that say that worries and nervousness will magically vanish if you believe in yourself and take a deep breath. They are just playing with you to look impressive. However many dates you will attend, you will still feel moderately nervous every time.

However, tension is by far not the worst thing that can happen to you during the initial meeting. We asked our friends from Prime Dating site to tell us about real first-date disasters. The results were much more amazing than we could ever imagine.

  1. Too late to apologize

Here’s a thing – the society is filled with precise gender stereotypes. And while it’s okay for a girl to be late for ten to fifteen minutes, a man should always be on time, waiting patiently for his prospective girlfriend. Women are afraid to look desperate – so don’t make her sit alone in a crowded café!

  1. Exes are like taxes – nobody likes them

Since you are not teenagers, you had obviously been in several relationships before you met. Therefore, you may have some experience alongside with exes in your life baggage. Well, the truth is – discussing your previous relationship on the first date will for sure make her feel tremendously uncomfortable.

  1. A smell thing

Without doubts, you have no problems with hygiene and use deodorants. But if you were busy the entire day and your shirt is soaked with sweat, you should better call her and postpone your date for an hour to take a quick shower. A smart girl will forgive you for that – but she won’t praise you for bad body odor.  

  1. Emotional bomb

Showing emotions is totally fine for a man unless you are busting with hysterical laughs or get too deep into your melancholic stories from the past. You should better should something like wholehearted calmness instead of showering her with feelings and exaltation.

  1. Acting creepy

If you asked this girl out, she must have amazed you with her beauty and/or great individuality. That is why you will feel passionate about her. To depict your admiration, chose something like reserved compliments. Sleazy looks and unwanted touching would frighten her off.

  1. Boyish vs. mannish

Men throughout the centuries were trying to amaze women with rudeness and cocky behavior assuming that it can be called ‘manliness’. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this type of manners has nothing to do with what a real man looks and acts like. Be a gentleman but not a lumberjack.

  1. Little too personal

Interesting and informative conversations make your date unforgettable – that’s the rule you should never forget of. Nonetheless, you should likewise bear in mind that getting too intimate with a girl during your first encounter is a horrific idea. If you like each other, you will have time to learn everything you want.

  1. Appearing cheap

In the world of feminism and emancipation, men are no longer presumed to be paying for the entire date just because they are… men. You may split bills if you like – Western girls don’t mind that. But don’t make it look like you are tight on money – it says a lot about your personality and skills.

  1. Being a bad talker/listener

Yet another gender stereotype claims women to generally have a great necessity in talking, sharing, gossiping etc. Even though women do talk a bit more than men do, it does not mean that you have to listen to her silently the entire evening. A proper dialogue needs two of you to participate!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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