Quick Fix to Fight Tough Malodors on Clothes

How do you fight the annoying smell on your clothes? 

Recently I asked Earthlingorgeous social media followers about the toughest malodors they encounter and what are their quick fixes to fight the smell out.  I got a couple of very interesting and new ways to do it especially on the Facebook page, some answers I haven’t even imagined possible.

While some of these tips actually worked, based on those who shared their experiences, I don’t think it’s a very quick fix and convenient at all, Imagine having to put something into the freezer overnight? That would be very time consuming.

Well, luckily, Downy came up with a new technology, a breakthroiugh Malodor Neutralization Technology, the first Downy fabric with Genuine Malodor Removal that does not just “mask” malodor with aromatic ingredients, but removes unpleasant odors completely through chemeical reaction — preventing the odor causing material from being released again. The technology works as such: the Perfume Micro Capsules embedded on the fabric while washing with Downy contain and odorless component that recognizes malodor, captures the odor causing particle as if it were “eating it” and alternates its chemical structure to neutralize the malodor.

I know it sounds impossible, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes, alright, smelled it with my own nose at the launch of the Downy Boom Boom Pow : Boom Boom the malodor and power up your freshness.

The event was attended by celebrity moms, bloggers and media where a cooking demonstration by Chef JP Anglo was held. The demo was a cook-up of the most smelly dishes and ingredients you can think of , fish, garlic, onions, the like, some of it were grilled just so they can release all the smell possible!

Downy Boom Boom Pow

Before the cooking demo , we were given aprons to wear. At first we thought we will cook as well but it wasn’t that. There were two colors, pink and blue. The blue one was rinsed with the new Downy #DownyBoomBoomPow, the other was not.

After the cooking demo and in the middle of the program, we were told by host Bianca Gonzales the purpose of the apron If you can see the faces of those who wore the pink apron, it absorbed all the bad smeell around the kitchen and the stench is just awful. While the blue apron still smells pleasant like flowers.

Downy Boom Boom Pow quick fix to fight malodors

#downyboomboompow  quick fix to fight malodors

A Pinoy Henyo type of game was also held with a couple pairs of bloggers and celebrity moms. I was paired with Pia Guanio. The word we need to guess are the Top 10 Tough Odors on Clothes that the new Dony can fight. The words we got were Wet Socks and Kulob, it was tough to guess!

#downyboomboompow quick fix to fight malodors

Then a more extensive demonstration of the Downy Boom Boom Pow effect was showed to us. It was such a surprise to see how the new Downy works. All you have to do is rub the fabric together to activate the magic ingredients and boom it overtakes the odor with the power and freshness of the fragrance of Downy. Yes, it sounds so commercial but it’s true.

Watch what happened at the event in the video below:

There are five different Downy fabric softner serving its different purposes:
#downyboomboompow quick fix to fight malodors
Sunrise Fresh – Quick drying even indoors; anti-kulob
Antibac – Anti-bacterial to keep germs away for the whole family
Garden Bloom – Wonderful floral freshness
Single Rinse – Rinse clothes quickly and with less water (not in the photo)
Baby Gentle – Dermatologically tested to be safe for baby’s skin

The new and best ever Downy is now available in supermarkets nationwide. If you want to know more you may visit Downy Philippines on Facebook or follow and join the discussion online using the hastag #DownyBoomBoomPow


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