What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 4 + Adventure Awaits

I’m excited about many things that is about to happen but I cannot tell you about them yet.   Not yet, but when everything is solid or when they are done , you will be the first to know about them.  I am just happy how things fall into place, even if you did not plan for it.  It is definitely true that when something is meant to be it will be.  You don’t have to ask for it , it will be delivered on your lap.  Just like all these things sent to me by my brand and PR friends who never forgets :

Avon Anew Retroactive products (I’m a sucker for anything anti-aging) IIt come’s with a facial wash, toner, day and night cream.

#BloggerMailBox 4
Nippon Ph sent this LifeFord Hi-Precisie Eye Pen and Nippon Sponge  (The eyeliner is awesome, waterproof too!)

#BloggerMailBox 4
McDonald’s sent over a complete set of The Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys! Meet Gidget, Chloe, Croc, Max, Duke, Snowball, Sweet Pea and Buddy!

BirdHouse sent over a set of three of their best and delicious signature sauces, my favorite is the Ketchup Truffles, the Green Goddess is yummy too, and the Peach Barbeque.  You can use it at any fried dishes you have not just fried chicken!  Birdhouse will be opening publicly on September 1, 2016!

#BloggerMailBox 4
Avon also sent a set of their newest fragrances, Beautiful Escape collection that comes in three different variants they have an introductory sale for Php149.00 a bottle. Regular price is Php249.00

#BloggerMailBox 4
Healthy Options gave me their artisanal line from Saava, 100% natural made with food grade plant oils and flower extracts!  It’s a body wash and a shampoo.  Looks promising.


Thank you for sending them over!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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