Why Drink Organique Acai + New Look & Endorser #ThePurpleLifestyle

The first time I got acquainted with Organique Acai was after my mom got confined from a stroke more than a year ago. When you have someone ill in your family you will try everything to make them well again.

Acai (pronounced as a-sa-hee) Berry is known around the world as one of the most potent Superfoods. Some of the benefits include immune booster, lower cholesterol level that is good for heart health, helps digestion, keeps cells strong and improves mental function. What made us buy Organique Acai as the specific brand (there are many other brands out there), is the most concentrated acai drink supplement in the market.

It help my mom gain her appetite back and within two weeks she was up on her feet again. I also drank some of it because I want to keep my health afterall the stress from having a family member suffer a stroke. You may read my personal experience with drinking Organique Acai Berry here click.

Just recently, Organique Acai Berry stepped-up the game by adopting a new look and a Supermodel to promote #thepurplelifestyle. Tweetie de Leon was introduced as the newest face of Organique Acai at (Elton and Cathy) couple who founded Organique Acai in 2010.

Personally, I couldn’t think of anyone else fit for the title. Looking at Ms. Tweetie de Leon , I can’t believe she is 52!!! I grew up watching her on TV commercials, she is one of the first Ponds girl and the first Fey in Okay Ka Fairy Ko! The original TV show back in the day haha!

Organique Acai new look and endorser

The program was so inspiring as they had Mr. Johnny Litton as the host! At the age of 82 he is still looking very happy, healthy and fit for his age, or well to his own words, “Fresh, Fit and Fab!”. I also grew up watching his show back in the day “Oh! No! It’s Johnny! He still hasn’t lost his touch, still witty and very entertaining!

Philippine Volcano Coach and Health and Fitness Speaker Chris Everingham was also at the event who showed us the secret to living a healthy lifestyle. He showed us how to make a simple breakfast using one shot glass of Organique Acai.

Organique Acai new look and endorser
To make the good day even better… a field trip to Organique Acai home in California is in the making! I can’t wait!

That is all I can say for now! Meanwhile Congratulation to Organique Acai please continue to keep the formulation as pure as it is. This is the new Organique Acai look!

Organique Acai new look and endorser
I hope you all do to! You can find it at Mercury Drug, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, Pure Pharmacy, and South Star Drug. Visit www.organique.com.ph for more information. Oh! Aside from the supplement drink they also have the Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsule 650mg and composed of pure aca freeze-dried powder. And yes Organique Acai is USFDA certified (non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free!)

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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