10 Tips for Solo Travellers

Travelling solo is an interesting experience that’ll open up a whole new world of adventure for those brave enough to explore the world alone. It’s a spiritual journey where you get to learn more about yourself, and you can take in the sights as you see them without the prejudices of a companion.

To get more out of your solo travel, we have some tips for you.


Safety should be of utmost priority while travelling solo, so make sure you thoroughly research the places that you’re visiting before you book your flights and hotels.

Pack light

It’s a good idea to pack light and take only essentials with you, as you don’t have a companion to share the luggage load.

10 tips for Solo travellers
Land during the day

When you are travelling to a new place alone, make sure you land at your destination through the day to avoid trying to find your way at night in an unknown city.

Enjoy dining alone

Many people get bored or intimidated by the idea of dining alone. Did you know dining alone is a unique experience? So, just relax and enjoy it while you can.

Learn something local

If you plan to stay at a place for a relatively long time, then enroll for the local language or cooking courses to get an immersive cultural feel of the place.

Keep the essentials

Pack the essentials and keep them on hand at all times. For example, if you are travelling to the UK, carry an umbrella all the time.

Save money on phone

Invest in a good unlocked phone so that you can use the local SIM card to save a lot of money. Alternately, use Skype and other voice conferencing applications to connect with your loved ones during your travels.

Try organised tours

Take organised tours once in a while to take a break from planning. These tours also give you a chance to meet other interesting people.

Talk to the locals

Open up, and talk to the locals to get the real pulse of the place.

With Laotian kids selling weaved bracelets to tourist visiting their village 

Take your photos

Learn to take your own photos against exotic backgrounds, instead of always relying on others to click. This will help you to capture some of the best moments of your travel.


In short, travelling solo can be exhilarating, so make the most of it with our above tips.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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