I am sure you have noticed it, I rarely post photos of my family in my blog. I want to give them the privacy they deserve in spite of how public figure I have made myself become because of this blog. I keep my family sacred and safe from outside criticism and everything else. I can take all the stones you want to throw on me but not my family. I will protect them with my life.

On the rare occasions I include them on my post, I make sure there is no pressure for them and they feel comfortable with what I will have them do.

Recently, I shopped for my family at Giordano and I got us some match match tops that are laid-back and casual.


I was able to get us some matching tops because Giordano offers a special family bundling promotion – buy any two selected V-neck tees or solid and stripe tees, and get Php 300 off! Amazing offer!



It was fun twinning with my DD! We are wearing same color stripe and cut top, the difference was I’m wearing small she’s wearing large!

Plus when you purchase Php3500 you can get this beautiful canvass backpack for Php249. 00 only!

Giordano backpack promo


Meanwhile , since it’s less than two months before Christmas The Great Giordano Anniversary Sale will be happening this November and before the end of the year Giordano will come out with the Christmas collection featuring tees and a variety of long sleeves!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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