A few days back I got into makeup talk with some non-blogger friends.  Since I became a beauty blogger few years back I became the authority in all beauty stuff with my friends here and abroad. They would ask me what foundation to use or if this certain brand is good or so.  Honestly, I am not that brand conscious I am not that even that obssessed with makeup.  I don’t buy makeyo as well as I already have too much of them from the beauty brands that still trust my opinion and influence.

Instead of telling you about this brand or that, I will share my 15-Minute No Makeup Makeup Look.  This is the look I always wear when I go out for a regular blogger event, movie screening, meeting friends.  I really don’t like to look too made up unless it’s for a shoot or a formal event.

This also features my favorite makeup items that I regularly use and abuse.  It’s like a tutorial but not.  Please watch and hopefully learn something from it! Hah!

To make your life easier here are the products I used in the video:

  1. For my eyebrows I used Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil  – this is so easy to use and defines the eyebrows very naturally , as long as you don’t intentionally rub your eyebrows, the makeup is long wearing.
  2. Don’t Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Foundation in 03 Dark Beige  –  I like how it blends well with my skin, it doesn’t cake or stay on fine lines.  I love dewy effect makeup so this one is perfect for that and you don’t look oily at all.  It looks like my natural skin.  I don’t finish it off with powder so as to keep that dewy look.
  3. Lifeford Hi-Definition Eyeliner –  I love this one the tip is so precise and it doesn’t ever smudge off!  I even wore it while in the beach a few months ago and it stays on.
  4. Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duo in Ripe Watermelon – It’s just the right amout of color for my cheeks and highlights I needed.
  5. My ultra favorite mascara is the Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara it gives my eyelashes the volume , length and thickness it needs and it still looks natural! I love it to bits as it’s also smudge proof and tears proof!
  6. Sorry for not being able to show the video of the lippies I used but I have tons of lipstick I interchange in using depending on my mood.  There I times I want no lip color at all so I use the BAM BALM by Beachborn. I love how it taste and smell its like mentos. Then I’m inlove with the LANEIGE Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint lip gloss Be Me Shade.  I also use the Happy Skin Disney Princess in Belle collection it’s the right amount of nude lips I like.

There you go loves!  I hope you like it.

Happy New Year!

Stay gorgeous Everyone!

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