Blind Dating: Essential Tips

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Blind Dating: Essential Tips

Going on a blind date is an exciting experience but you can never predict anything about it. On the one hand, you’re proud of how brave you are to go out with a stranger. But on the other hand, you’re afraid your date might turn out to be a complete loser and you’d have to spend the whole evening in his company. Anyway, it’s definitely worth a try since your blind date can have a happy ending. Before going on a blind date, you should prepare for it, mainly psychologically.

Since you met online and you haven’t seen each other in real life – only on photos, you can be considered as strangers. Remember that your date is a stressful situation for each of you. So, behave towards your date as if you approach a stranger on the street. Be nice, polite, and natural. If you show your friendly attitude, he’ll feel comfortable with you.

There are no purely “blind” dates today. People set up dates at dating websites and in social networks, so they have a general idea of what kind of person their interlocutor is judging from his or her profile. Still, there is a certain level of suspense.

If you want to make your date go off without a hitch, follow these rules.
  • Hold your expectations.
    Don’t expect to have the best or the worst date. Odds are 50/50, so just relax. Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and make yourself believe that you’re meeting your old friend. If both of you feel the “chemistry”, good for you. If love doesn’t strike you at once, don’t get disappointed but try to get to know your date better without any bias.
  • Give a notice if you can’t make it.
    If you know you’re being late or that you can’t make it, find a way to warn your date in advance. Apologize for this sudden change in your schedule. If you show up and see your date from a distance and you understand you’re not into that person, don’t flee. Continue your date but try to make it as short as you want it to be.
  • Have fun.
    Unexpectedness is an integral element of blind dates. It can be either a pleasant surprise or not very pleasant one. In any case, keep a smile on your face and try to get the most out of your rendezvous. You can’t expect anything. By the end of your date, your opinion about that guy may change completely.
  • Be polite.
    You should respect your partner and his time. Even if you find him a bit boring, don’t talk down to him. Be nice and respectful and make sure you made a good impression on him even if it was far from a perfect date.
  • Dress casually.
    The main rule here is to avoid extravagant clothes. Since it’s your first real-life date, wear something neutral but elegant. Your vis-à-vis should see that you put some effort into preparing for a date.
  • Prioritize your safety.
    Even if you were set up on this date by your best friend or have been dating that guy online for a while, you should think about your safety. It’s better to go out during the day, rather than in the evening. A café or any other place where there are a lot of people around will be the safest venue.
  • Share your impressions.
    Always end your blind dates with your feedback. Don’t keep your interlocutor in the dark. If you got interested in him and would like to have another date, drop a hint but make sure he got it. If you think you’re not meant to be, tell him about your feelings clearly but in a very friendly way. It will help you understand each other’s positions and avoid any possible misunderstandings.


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