Believers or non-believers, sometimes it’s comforting to have a glimpse of what’s in store for you in the future so you may have the guide on what to do and not do as you go along your way.

This 2017 Chinese New Year will start early. For this  2017 Fire Rooster Year  the transition period I set on February 3,2017 around 11:36 pm.

In 2017, the strongest element is Metal, if you know your chart and see metal elements in it, this means you could become more prosperous. To know if you have it or not, you may consult the best Feng Shui Queen I know, Ms. Marites Allen, she is the only Filipino Feng Shui practitioner in the country who has been awarded Master of Feng-Shui by the world renowned International Feng Shui Association. I’ll tell you where and how to contact her at the end of this post.

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster According to Feng Shui
With Marites Allen and family and friends at the recently held Feng Shui Convention at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, hosted by Boy Abunda

Going back to the elements you need present in your chart, next to metal is water. Water brings positive changes for the year. Technology and innovation will dominate this 2017. Third if the most important element to have is Fire as this means profits.

This year, the threat of war is possible as the element of Metal and Fire also symbolizes and suggest destructive mode, possible fighting, tension, demonstrations, and strong mind set for all.

In money matters, financial issues is a big deal this year. Some will conquer great fortunes, while others lose significantly, so be careful not to compromise your principles in order to amass wealth.

In love life, single people can look forward to starting new relationships especially those born in the hear of the rat, Dragon, or Monkey as the presence of the Peach blossom luck is found.

The 2017 Fire Rooster Year  will bring challenges to those born in the year of the Rabbit as relationship issues, emotional, mental and illness problems may arise. Moving from one place to another whether for residence or world may be an issue so think about it.

Power grabbing, greetings, and the desire to secure a steady and strong position will be rampant, even if it means losing family or friends, so beware.

But aside from all that the 2017 Fire Rooster Year looks more brighter and better than 2016. Tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and opportunities abound.

As for the forecast for the 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster for each sign, Monkey, Rooster, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Rabbit, Dog, Ox, Boar, Tiger, Sheep, and Rat you may watch this video below for the specific outlook for your sign.

If you want to have Feng Shui consultation and get your specific individual chart, you will need to know your birth hour for it to be very individualized and specific for you! You may reach Ms. Marites Allen ay visit or follow @Marites Allen in Instagram/Facebook or Twitter.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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