LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Makeup Collection Swatches #LaneigeHoliday

LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Makeup Collection

Laneige is one of the makeup brands in the world that I super love. They always come up with the cutest packaging with the most innovative makeup items. Last Holiday 2016, they sent over a sparkling gift, the LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Makeup Collection!

Finally I had the time to unbox all the gifts I got most especially this Milkway Fantasy makeup collection! Here is a sneak preview with swatches of the makeup items:

LANEIGE Milkway Fanasy Makeup collection has the following:  the LANEIGE Milkway Fantasy Water Sleeping Mask, the LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar (Bloody Dress and Mystic Rose shades) and LANEIGE Two Tone Eyeshadow Bar (Sandy Dusk and Milkway Burgundy shades).

To know more about the latest with LANEIGE please look for social media post with the hashtag #SparklingBeauty and #LaneigeHoliday.  You may follow them on Facebook  Laneige Philippines.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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